Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spring Fashion Haul!

Hey there! I was shopping recently and I got some stuff, mainly from H&M and little bits and bobs from others stores and I though I should share it with you!

I am very enthusiastic about clothes but I don't shop for them very often. Mostly because I am quite bored of our shopping places. And nothing really wows me anymore. :/ But I really needed some new clothes so you know, I had to go shopping... *Yawn*. :D Oh, a tiny warning! Yes, it a Spring haul but there's not much colour in here, mostly black, white and grey. I'm not hating on colours or anything, it just happens that the stuff I liked were in 'boring' colours. :D

Firstly I went to H&M and I found some stuff which I really liked, I was surprised actually cause I never seem to find anything I like.

Lately, I have been wearing this kind of T-shirts with a classic tank top underneath it. I know layering T-shirts can look weird and messy sometimes, but I have been living in this kind of outfits at leafs a year. And these are made from really thin material so a tank top underneath is just enough. :)
This particular top is just plain black with a French saying on it. Sleeves are 3/4 and slightly rolled up. 
This one was about 13€

Another oversized top, this one is really interesting. It is grey with tiny specks of black and as you can see there's a mesh lining on the sleeves. Oh and these sleeves are also 3/4 and a tad rolled up. 
This one was also about 13€.

The cute one! Yes, the meoow print got me! I think this would be great for summer, as it is the light material. And I mean to wear this with some bright or neon coloured tank tops underneath it. This one is a bit shorter than the ones I've mentioned before so I am assuming this is definitely meant for skinny girls. But hey, I can't be tamed. 
This was about 10€.

This one is the same as the one above, just different colour and there's no meow on it, so it's more boring. Ironically, it says 'Très cool'. I like the material of this one a lot. It is grey but it's not just plain grey, as you can see. But it's very difficult for me to describe it! And it's getting on my nerves. -.- Anywas, very nice! 
It was 10€ as well.

I also picked up two tank top. Nothing special about these. Actually, the grey one has the black lining like lace kind, but it's not really lace. I'm so terrible at describing clothes. -.- The other ones has stripes. :D 
They were about 7€ each.

I wanted some blazers so, I got one. But just one. :/ It's navy blue and it has two pockets and one button. :D It looks very weird on the hanger but I promise it is a very nice blazer and I like it a lot. I pair everything with blazers, I am obsessed with these. I need moar! 
It was about 30€.

Picked up some flats and realised they go so well with the blazer. They're navy blue, just like the blazer but the picture makes them look brighter and the blazer looks like greyish blue. So, that happened. I have another flats from H&M and for the price they're quite nice. I do get blisters from wearing them but all flats do that to me. :(
These were about 10€.

And then I swinger by the New Yorker cause I wanted another blazer and H&M ran out of my size(apparently). I didn't find the blazers I was looking for but I did found two other things! :)

Another tee with some French on it! This one says Chérie and it is super nice. I like it lots. :) Again, planning to wear this with a tank top underneath it, can't get more creative than that. :D I think it would look nice with jeans and some black wedges but I'll probably stick with flats. Wedges no bueno for me, to much pain-o. :P
It was about 10€

This T-shirt is so tumblr! :D But I bought it mostly because of the 'Think Happy' floral print. :) And I have a pink blazer which would go soooooo well with this tee, like... For real. :D And guess what? I'll probably wear this alone, with no tank top underneath it. Woow! :P
And this one was also around 10€.

So this is pretty much it for my haul, it might be small it might be big but it is what it is and I hope you've enjoyed it and thank you for sticking around. :)




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