Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Rihanna Stay Cover

Hey there. It was one of those days I felt singing made everything better. My singing face is weird sooo please don't laugh at it :$ 

Hope you liked it :)


Saturday, 26 October 2013

DIY Lipstick organiser

Hey there! Few days ago I got a little bit creative and I did a lipstick organiser! Fun right? :D

I decided to share my creativity and show you how I did it. It's not really hard to be honest and the end product isn't that appealing... Sooooo, yeah. :D

I used(you will need):
  • regular box(or you can make that on your own as well, with your own measures)
  • cardboard or any other thick paper
  • olfa knife or really strong scissors
  • any good glue(I used adhesive tape 2nd time, cause hot glue did not work for me)
  • white paper or coloured paper(in case you want your cardboard in specific colour :) ) 
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • lipsticks! :D
I covered the cardboard already.

Here's the easy peasy lemon squeezy step by step guide on how to, well.. DIY! :)

1. My box was big enough to make 5x5 little spaces. Measure your box and determine space for each lipstick.
2. Measure the cardboard and make sure not to make them too small(too big can be fixed later).
3. Cut out the cardboard. Try to be precise(I wasn't so my spaces are bit uneven)
4. If you want to, you can wrap the cardboard you cut out with white or coloured paper. Glue it with the tape.

Measuring :)
5. After wrapping the cardboard(or just cutting it), measure its width and height and make sure the box its not too big to put the divider in. If it is, just cut it a little bit more.
6. Then you cut out smaller pieces of cardboard. Those will divide lipsticks apart. You can skip this part if you want.
7. After doing that, cut the cardboard and wrap them with paper you used before.

Cardboard dividers
8. So now you have all these bits and bobs and what's next? Gluing of course! But first, measure the empty spaces for each lipstick and mark the place where you'll glue the smaller cardboard pieces(the last photo in the Measuring)
9. Now comes the gluing part. :)
Dividers fit!
10. After gluing everything together, just put the divider section into the box and well... You're done. :D 

This does look like a 4 year old made this... But it works! :D

Easy right? Oh, you can glue the divider section onto the box if you like. But I didn't and it stayed in quite well.

I made two organisers. I used hot glue on one and tape on the other... I wish hot glue made things easier for me, buuuuuuut it didn't :/ but that doesn't mean you will fail :) When they're empty they look really stupid(not as creative as I thought I was) :D

I hope this was helpful and that I made an artist out of you, cause I clearly failed at that part a little bit(sob) and this might be the only DIY from me. :P 

So seee ya all later, my sweet baby alligators! 


Monday, 21 October 2013

Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour REVIEW

So, hello there! A few weeks ago I bought some new lippies for myself and I had a loooooot of time to try them out. The ''new''(they have been out for a while now actually) Catrice gel-like lipsticks are on my good side. :)

I bought only three colours cause those were the colour I didn't really have, but I am thinking about buying two or three shades more. :) Maybe...

The whole Ultimate Shine Gel collection has a few shades to choose from. Not a lot, but it has something for everyone I think. And here's the picture of every single shade.

Formula reminds me of a lip balm. And it kind of is a lip balm. After putting it on and having it for a while, my lips felt softer and smoother. My lips are chapped all the time and a lot of lipsticks just make it worse. But these babies, make my lips feel like baby's bum(that was meant in the most clean and cute possible way).

Opacity of the these lipstick isn't that good. But I love that. Darker shades can get darker with an extra layer or two, so they can be build able. But they are quite sheer actually. Your lips will be tinted with beautiful tone, but cause of its texture is fairly translucent. Perfect lipstick for a look where eyes are the centre of attention(but careful at applying more layers).

Finish you get from this lipstick is wonderful! Without any gloss, your lips will be shiny and glossy. And even better, none of the shades has shimmer inside, which is a hugeeee plus for me.

Durabilty is quite surprising to me. Lighter shade didn't fade away that fast, but after a drink or two it was almost completely gone. But the darker one... That was a huge surprise. I had a meal and a drink and it was still there. Wasn't the same finish or colour but it stained my lips little bit. For quite a while, to be honest.

Packaging was one of the things that made me buy them. I'm a sucker for good packaging! Its so sophisticated and luxurious(at least to me). And I always loved the 'catrice' imprint on the lipstick itself.

All of them are really nice colours, but I keep saying to myself ''You don't need anymore lipsticks!''.
That's what I said when I bought these. :)

I did carry them in my purse a lot, so the bottom where name of the shade is written, kind of faded away. :/ Which is the only thing I have to complain about.

Here are some swatches of my shades I bought(upper swatch has two to three layers, bottom one has just one layer):

Catrice "Don't Fear the Sheer" 040 Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour

 Catrice "Don't Pink and Drive" 060 Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour

Catrice "License to Pink" 070 Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour

I hope you liked these sweet babies and if you own one or two I hope you are as happy with them as I am :) Oh and this is my first review so please don't judge :D



Friday, 18 October 2013

Stop vivisection!

This post is a bit different and more on the serious side. I said my blog is going to be beauty or beauty related but sometimes I just want to share other stuff and my thoughts. And this is kind of beauty related... Unfortunately.

Anyways, maybe you know or maybe you don't, but there's been a petition against animal vivisection(EU) for quite a while now. So if you came across the online petition and if you signed it, animals are grateful. But if not? Do it now! There's not much time anymore, only a few days left actually. Sign the petition here and be the part of very important saving 'team'(I don't know what to call it :S ). I know there are just a few people reading this, but if you're from EU please sign it or let your friends and family know about this and make them sign it. They need 1M signs, which is a lot and they need less than 10% of that till 1st November.

There's no good in vivisection, which means cutting into alive organisms(in this case, animals). Animals suffer in agonizing pain while people(immoral ones) do experiments on them. Why not go for the alternative if they exist?! It is said that not only animals suffer, but that these kind of procedures don't do any good for science or medicine.

I made myself cry just at finding these photos but the cruelty happening behind the lab doors is very true and real. So if you can't handle this kind of stuff don't look at it, I just wanted to make a point and show real terror.

And these are just a few. Don't question if they can think, but if they can feel. And you know if you step on cat's tail, she/he will squeal. But they can't say anything, they can't fight for themselves. So lets speak and fight for them! This is a work in progress but its a huge step forward to set them free.

I rather see them like this :) What about you?

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Essence Paper Print Manicure?

So hello there. Yesterday I went shopping with my friend and I've seen some new things from essence and this was one of them.

In this tiny box you get 6 prints and they're quite big. So if you want to use it only on one nail(like I intended to) then you should be able to have these prints for a long time.

(Source: Essence)

There are four boxes with different prints, but before I went and bought all of them I decided to try with just one(thank god!).

I painted my nails like I wanted to and left one nail white(canvas for the print). I quite like leaving one nail different. :)

Nail polishes I used:
  • S-he Wow!-Farben - 115
  • Essence Me&My Ice Cream - Icylicious
After doing that, I gathered all the things I might needed. I felt stupid for having nail polish remover, but my instincts were right. 

Soooo... I started with left finger. I cut out the square of print(not to big not to small) and I covered it with transfer solution. 

 I put that on my nail, pressed it firmly with cotton pad(as it said) and waited for 15 seconds(as it said...). What happened? This...

Maybe I did something wrong? So I tried again on my other finger.

That didn't work either -.- SO it can't be my fault, right... Right? :/ 

If anybody else tried this and it worked pleaseeeee let me know what I did wrong and how can I do it right. But if that happened to you too, then I grieve with you, darling. :(

This has been disappointing, I know. I hope at least I helped somehow and now you know how this can go wrong. 



Friday, 4 October 2013

MUA Haul!

So, hello there. My birthday is coming up and I decided to shop for MUA with my brother's credit card. :) He approved, so there was no stealing involved. Thank God, my goodies came before my birthday cause I was dying to see and try the new things. And well... Old ones.

I placed my tiny(I wanted more, cause I'm a HUGE MUA fan) order almost two weeks ago, when they had their 30% off offer.

I was a bit disappointed, cause they forgot one of my nail polishes. :( That has never happened to me. I ordered from them once before and from VIVO cosmetics(which I think they are similar or they're related or something). But I'm sure they will be sweet enough to send it to me as soon as possible :)

So here are my goodies and swatches!

Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tint in Stay

Love Heart Lip Balm in Hot Lips

Love Heart Nail Varnish in I <3 U

Mega Volume Mascara in Black

Blending and Shadow Brush, E3

Fashionista Nail Polish in Hidden Treasure

Power Pout in Rendezvous

Pearl eyeshadow in Shade 26

Matte Palette

Nail Polish in Koala Bear

Nail Polish in Deepest Plum

  • Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tint(STAY) - 3.55€ - 3.00£ - 4.87$
  • Love Heart Lip Balms(HOT LIPS) - 1.18€ - 1.00£ - 1.62$
  • Love Heart Nail Varnish(I <3 U) - 1.18€ - 1.00£ - 1.62$
  • Mega Volume Mascara(BLACK) - 3.55€ - 3.00£ - 4.87$
  • Blending and Shadow Brush(E3) - 2.31€ - 1.95£ - 3.16$
  • Fashionista Nail Polish(HIDDEN TREASURE) - 1.78€ - 1.50£ - 2.43$
  • Power Pout(RENDEZVOUS) - 3.55€ - 3.00£ - 4.87$
  • Pearl Eyeshadow(SHADE 26) - 1.18€ - 1.00£ - 1.62$
  • Matte Palette - 4.74€ - 4.00£ - 6.49$
  • Nail Polish(KOALA BEAR) - 1.18€ - 1.00£ - 1.62$
  • Nail Polish(DEEPEST PLUM) - 1.18€ - 1.00£ - 1.62$
I hope one of my ordered nail polishes(that is not here with me at the moment) will find its way home to me so I can play with it as well :)

Other than one lost family member, I am very happy with the rest of the family. I have a few things from MUA and I can't remember if I ever cursed any of their products. I simply love every single thing that I own, especially because it it... Well, cheap. But its quality is just great. I'm looking forward to try these Matte eyeshadow! I'mma sucker for eyeshadows, whataya gonna do? :D

I hope you enjoyed looking and reading this mini(for me) haul and if you have any thoughts about the post or MUA products, leave a comment below. :)



P.S.: I had to upload most of the photos again so if they're poop, please forgive me.

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