Monday, 31 March 2014

March Obsessions!

Hey there! How are you doin'? I hope good, I know I am, cause March is over and April is upon us! :D

So that can only mean one thing! April fool's day! :D Don't get pranked, I know I will be sketchy on my every step and... Stuff. Although I have never been pranked, but I can still be careful. :P

Anyways, as the March is leaving I feel like I have been obsessing over things way too much, especially about makeup and youtube. :P


Currently really loving these All About... Eyeshadow palettes from Essence. Awesome colours, great pigmentation. I especially like the lightest colour in each palette. It's perfect for highlighting the inner eye corner! And that's what I've been doing since I've got them. Amazing, worth the try! And I did a swatch post on these if you'd like to check em out.

How could talk about my monthly obsessions without including Catrice? :) Impossibru! This blush is in the shade Peach Frappucino and it's a peachy kind of blush. I love peachy blushes, probably the most, they seem to suit me the best I think. And what I like about this one, you can intensify the colour by picking up the darker colour in it or you can apply the lighter colour and made it softer. I love it, I like apply the middle colours(it also looks really neat with contoured cheek bones).

It might be a random one for you, but God only knows how much I use this. Not every day, but almost every day. :) The mono eyeshadow from Rimmel London in the shade Serene is my crease colour. I intensify it with a darker neutral colour usually so Serene is kind of a transition colour, but still... My precious!

I splurged on Bourjois Mega Liner thins month... I've never payed for eyeliner more than 5€ and I payed like 10€ for this one. And I think it's good, I mean I've been using it for the past month and it still hasn't started drying out, like most of my eyeliners do. It has the angled felt tip so it is kind of easier to do a winged out look(at least for me). Love it!

I bought this one around the same as I bought the Bourjois one, maybe couple of day later and the tip of it is getting pretty dry. Essence disappointed me once at the eyeliner section, but this Waterproof Eyeliner Pen is quite good. It is waterproof after it sets on my eyes(my eyes sometimes get watery, even in the inner corner and it ruins my eyeliner, but this one stays put). The only thing I don't like? Soon to be, dried out tip.

I've bought this brush off a Slovenian site and I've tried to find the official Brush Art site to buy them there(might be cheaper) but I couldn't find it. I believe it is a Czech or Slovakian company, but not completely sure. Anyways, it is a simple eyeshadow brush but I love it. It is so dense in just the perfect size for my to pack on the colours, especially the ones less pigmented. I am going to purchase more of these, they're that amazing.

Yes, I have mentioned a lip polish from Catrice last month, but this month I have to mention it again. It's perfect for Spring(and if you checked out my post from Saturday, you would know that :D). It is in the shade Strawberry's Secret and it is a coraly red shade. I've worn it a couple of times this month but I just love these from Catrice in general so... Yeah. It is here in this post today.

It is from Brush Art, again. It's a regular stippling brush and it's okay, does the job. I have it in here right now because I have been doing my contouring with this. I drew some lines under my cheek bones with one brush and blended it with this one. I'm sure I'm not the only who does that but I just figured out this now. I'm slow!

I gave this one a go after buying one with similar purpose from Catrice, and I like this more. It's softer there fore easier to blend. And I use it in waterline to, works great. Really can't complain about this one. Thank you Essence, for bringing the Big Bright Eyes concept. They have two more in Pearl y and in Funky, mine is in Nude(no shimmer or glitter, matte).

This baby has been my go to nude-ish lip, this month. :) It's from Revlon in the shade Rose & Shine(Super Lustrous Lipstick).  It has some shine to it, some tiny shimmer but it is barely noticeable so it doesn't bother me. I loved it, really. :)



I have been subscribed to Zoella for quite a while now, and I have been obsessing over her videos before, but this month it's like I've rediscovered her. :P I've rewatched her older videos and her collabs, which are always fun to watch. And she's just so adorable and her bubbly personality always makes me giggle. :) And I think this is one of my favourite collabs she has done, it's hilarious! :D

I've also discovered Sky from Sky does minecraft, yup still enjoying some good ol' minecraft. :D I just find him to be funny as hell. I've watched his skits as well and those are hilarious too! I wish he did more of those cause I think they're funny, he's funny. ;D And of course, minecraft.

I've mentioned Judy before and her family but this month has been a very special month. Their twin baby girls were born! :D Such a precious little things and seeing Julianna around them? Makes it even better. :D I mean look at them all? That's adorable!


I've been listening to Celine Dion every day, for the past month and I really enjoyed that. She has a new album, not sure when it was released, but it wasn't that long ago(probably like 6 months :D). I have been enjoying 'Love Me Back to Life' the most but I also like 'Incredible' featuring NeYo and 'Always Be Your Girl' and 'Unfinished Songs'. I like it a lot! She's such an amazing singer, I've loved her since I was younger and I used to sing her song all the time('I'm Alive' and 'My Heart Will Go On'). Love her! :)

I had to mention this song also, even though I haven't been raving about it that much, but oh my lord, I simply must! Lady Gaga has made me love her again! I didn't really liked her entire album(ARTPOP) that much but it seems like her singles has made me into a Monster. Not a real monster, but you know... Lady Gaga' Monster. :) Oh, the song is called G.U.Y., in case you didn't know and have been living under a rock. :D The actual song starts somewhere around 4 minutes... Oh and don't get me startin' on the video! Amazing! I believe she came up with it, if I'm wrong please excuse me. OH! And Sky is in it! I was so shocked to see that! :D


I can't be bothered with other shows right now, other than The Walking Dead. There is one(which I'm going to talk about it later), but please... This series has become my everything. I don't even care if people think it's boring now and uneventful but I think it's awesome and creative. Usually when there's a slow story in the series I just loose interest(Pretty Little Liar, How I Met Your Mother,...) but this time around, the slow story actually makes me watch it even more. I want to know every bit of their day, seriously. :P I have been also having dreams about zombie apocalypse... :/ 

With that being said, I have been laughing my ass off watching Mom. Not my mom, the show Mom. :D It's a new sitcom(from the creators of The Big Bang Theory), I have been watching it since it came out but lately their episodes are getting funnier! And I love it! Anna Farris plays in it so it is bound to be funny at some point. Totally worth your time! 

I hope you liked this post, I know I like to read/watch monthly favourites so I hope you liked mine. Yup, this is it for today, thank you for reading yo!

See youuuuuuuu!


I'm thinking about making a Youtube channel...*gulp*.


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