Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

Hey you! Happy New Year! 

I'm hoping you had a great 2013 and that was very productive. In case you messed up something make sure you fixed it in 2014. I wish you lots of love, success,  hope your health won't disappoint you or that you're friends won't forget you, make sure you work hard but rest enough. Try not to be selfish or impatient, good things are always paid good, I need to remind myself that more often and so should you.

Have you written your New Year's resolution? I haven't. I never do. I don't see the point in that, really. What I need or want to do, I just try my best and to it. I don't make promises on New Years Eve or Christmas or Easter, any day will do. I usually give up quickly and just don't try hard enough, so I guess my only, official New Year's resolution is:



Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Kwanza - Happy Holidays everybody!

Hope you had/have a very nice and happy times with your family and even if you didn't get any presents(you're not the only one, my family isn't used to give gifts so.. :p) I hope you got to see your family and that you've had great dinner yesterday/today. I sure did. :p

I sure did have a great time, spending time around family is always a great thing for me, I'm just upset there was no snow. :( I always watch Home Alone for Christmas and Kevin always wakes up on Christmas morning with snow falling. Hella jelly! But despite snowless Christmas, I am very much enjoying it! 

Happy Holidays again!!! :)


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Holiday Makeup Tutorial!

Het there beautiful! Christmas is only a week away and I have finally decided to do a tutorial! As I promised :)

This look is inspired by Christmas(of course) and I was going for a simple look, but for someone it might be more than just subtle. :P


Starting off with NO makeup... I feel really bad looking at this picture and just realising its on the internet now... :S

With some BB cream and concealer I feel MUCH better, to say the least. :)

Eyebrows on!

All the product I used on my face so far. BB cream by Essence, camouflage cream under eyes by Catrice, loose powder by MUA and eyeshadow primer by MUA. Ohh, I use the matte eyeshadow(shade 19) by MUA for my eyebrows. :) 

Just finished one eye!

So firstly, I put Shade 1 (Undressed, MUA) all over my eyelid.

Then I took Serene(mono eyeshadow, Rimmel) and swiped it into my crease.

I added some depth with Shade 10(Undressed, MUA) into the outer V. 

I dabbed Meet in Madrid(Vintage Romance, Sleek) onto the centre with my finger and slightly blended out the golden shade.

Then I highlighted inner eye corner with Shy(Undressed me too, MUA) and lined 1/3 of lower lash line with the same shade. I lined the 2/3 of lower lash line with Court in Cannes(Vintage Romance, Sleek) and with Obsessed the last little piece of lower lash line. :P

With eyeliner pencil, I drew a small line almost to the half of my eyelid and smudged it a little bit.

And there's no picture of eyeliner cause I
forgot to take it... My bad! :P

I added my favourite mascara (at the moment), which makes my lashes look a bit like falsies. :$

And the finished look. Oh, wait... Seems like I forgot something...

Right! Blusher, highlight and lipstick! 

My favourite blush of all times, Peaches and cream By VIVO.

Highlight powder from Face form in fair.

And my ultimate favourite red lipstick Pink me up! by Catrice.

And with hair down! Which I see now that the light is really bad and not many details are popping out. :P My bad! :D

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it was somewhat useful and fun. Since Christmas is only a week away now I better make some cookies for Santa! ;)

Happy holidays and stay pretty!


Monday, 16 December 2013

Custom palette

Hey there! I had a bunch of old eyeshadows that I didn't use(there was some weird colours) and I decided to make my own by mixing couple of them together(similar ones of course). There was a problem though... I didn't know where to put them. So I ordered a palette from eBay. :)(edarenus was the user I bought my palettes from).

I bought two(one for this mini project and one for my MUA single eye shadows), and I've received them just this week and they're almost the same as the palettes from BH cosmetics. I like the fact that pans(which are included) aren't glued on to the palette so you can take them out and easily press your eyeshadows.

Sooooo, on to the post! I watched a lot of youtube videos(I'm gonna link them at the end of this post) where you can see how to press powders or loose pigments. So I mixed 15 eyeshadows, each one is a different colour and together they don't look that appealing and they're not that pigmented but they would work just fine as blending colours.

If you're interested in doing this yourself, you'll need:

  • eyeshadows or loose pigments(you can also buy samples of eyeshadows)
  • rubbing alcohol(which is 70% alcohol, but you can use 90% one which evaporates quicker)
  • some napkins or tissue paper
  • mixing bowl or cup
  • spoon
  • a coin or something that will fit each pan(for pressing)
  • some old t-shirt(so it sucks out the liquid)
  • palette with empty pans

Step 1.
Crush your eyeshadow(s) into the mixing cup and stir well the powder.

This is not stirred well yet, see the clumps? :P

Step 2.
Pour alcohol in the powder and stir again so there are no clumps here either. Don't add to much alcohol though, or the procedure of evaporation will take longer(and the liquid from alcohol, which is water will stay so you would have to pour it out aaaaand, it could get messy).

I poured to much so I can show you how it looks.

Step 3.
After mixing the alcohol and powder, let is sit for a while(not to long) and stir it here and there and there pour it into the pan.

Quite appealing looking, right? :D

Step 4.
Let it sit for a while(I waited almost 30 min). Shake it from time to time to see how if its firming up as the alcohol evaporates. 

Step 5.
When its not that wet to the touch anymore its time for pressing. 

I used and old sweater like t-shirt and covered the pan with it.

Then I used a cap from a tiny hairspray(the only thing I had that fit :P) and just pressed hard for a little while. Make sure you press really hard or the eyeshadow will become loose eventually.

Step 6.
And then just put it into your palette and just let it dry some more :)

I created quite a mess :S I didn't take pictures of the entire mess cause its hard to process that much... :P

Links to videos that helped me:

I hope you enjoyed my post for today and stay tuned for some holiday post(s) coming this week. ;)

Take care and happy holidays.


Thursday, 12 December 2013

November Obsessions!

Hey there. I have been viewing monthly favourites for ages now and the thing about my favourites... Well I get more like obsessed with them :D

So I'm gonna do monthly obsessions every month and it won't be just beauty wise but all sort of things(food, music, clothes,... )


Starting with my one and ultimate obsession, makeup. I have been using a lot more lately the Sleek Face form in Fair, which is a blush, highlighter and contour powder. I adore the contour powder cause its really perfect for my skin tone. :)

I have been loving my Undressed palette from MUA even more during November. And almost every time I use the same shades(shade 3 - entire lid, shade 5 - crease, shade 8 - crease, for depth, shade 1 - highlight) and just a pop of gold or black here and there.

As you can see, it is very loved palette :D

My lips have been a berry colour most of the time but sometimes it's just nude, rosy nude to be precise. I love the new Essence lipsticks with their new formula and my favourite has been Natural beauty.


I watch youtube every day, I admit it. And I have been loving judyslife for a while now, but in this past month I have watched so much of her old vlogs that I have completely fallen in love with her family. In a non creepy way, of course. :) I simply can't cope with the fact how cute Julianna is! :$ Oh and they're expecting twins now! :$

I have got obsession post idea from superfruit, so go figure I have been obsessed with them as well (and actually with Pentatonix too). So Scott and Mitch from PTX made their own channel and I have been LOLing at their each video like crazy(#CRAY). They're really funny and I  am so amused by them, but they post one video each week, so I have to wait for a whole week for them :(


I am very bad at keeping up with music so some of the song are like... Old. :P But I have been very much enjoying Applause from Lady Gaga, so much that sometimes I even dreamt about it. :P And the video is(like always) simply special and fun to watch. :)


Next song is really old! :D I meant its still from 2013... Still into you by Paramore caught my ear since the first time I heard it. And I just adore Hayley's voice! :)


This song is kind a cover but I liked the original one too. Its Royals from Pentatonix. The original is good but the cover is perfect. Mitch has an amazing voice and all the harmonies and beatboxing and Avi's amazing deep voice... Its all!



I have been loving The Suits very much! I think I watched all three seasons in less than a month... I think. If you don't watch it, you better. Its about lawyers(some more hot than others) and when I first watched it I wasn't that impressed, but the story drew me in more and more with each episode. :)

The second one is The Vampire Diaries. This season has been really surprising. It had some ups and downs but I didn't feel like any of the episodes have left me down in any ways. The previous season has left me in tears, when Jeremy died(he came back) and then Bonnie... So far, nobody had died and I haven't cried yet :D But I do love how the story evolved with Silas and Amara.


I'm usually not favouriting any food(love all kinds :P) but this month I ate macaroni with my special sauce so much that I was kind of obsessed with it. I just cook some macaroni and then I grate some cheese(I prefer the one that melts nice and evenly) and then I put some butter with herbs(I buy it at my local groceries stores and its delicious and it smells amazing!) and some sour cream and salt. I swear I ate this almost every day! :D

I haven't been really much obsessing about clothes this month so... yeah :) I hope you enjoyed my obsessions and the next one will be in January. :)

Thanks for reading, take care.


Monday, 9 December 2013

Sigma Beauty launched Enlight Collection!

Hey there! Sigma is one of the beauty brands that everybody raves about even me, even though I haven't got a single thing so far. As soon as I start earning my own money I'm buying myself a brush set! :)

Anyways, they launched a new limited edition collection which caught my eyes right away. If you don't know, my love for neutral colours is beyond describable so this collection is just perfect for me(but not so much for my wallet :/).

Borrowed from Sigma's official site :)

In my mind, the palette is the star of this collection but there are some other products which I would LOVE to have.


From L to R: Mellow - Peacful - Serene

The collection has three blushes in different shades. They all look like neutral colour and I think they would be perfect for that pop of colour and natural flush for you cheeks. Each of them is 12.00$.


From L to R: E34 - E52 - E54

Some brushes for this collection which are brushes for eyes and each has it's own purpose. The bigger one(the one in the middle-E52) is 14.00$ and the other two(E34, E54) are 12.00$.


From L to R: Nutmeg - Eclipse - Vintage 
Eyeliners for everyday use and everyday makeup. I personally am not putting this onto my wish list, just cause I'm not much of a fan of eyeliners in general. They are all 9.00$.


From L to R: Composed - Awake - Neutralize
 Now this is something I would want to have! These are eye shadow bases but if they're anything like Flare, Dare and Bare bases then they're also good just on their own. Each of them is 13.00$.


From L to R: Hint - Tint - Tranquil 
Also one of the things I'd be glad to own, are these lip glosses. The collection has all the colours I like(nude, soft coral and deep red). As far as the picture show there's no shimmer in them so that's the extra plus for moi. :) Every single shade is priced at 10.00$.


And the star of the collection(in my opinion :P) and currently on the top of my wish list is palette called Warm Neutrals. I can't even write how amazing it is, I just wouldn't do it justice. And I know I can't get enough of neutrals so this palette would be perfect for everyone who's obsessed with their neutrals as I am. :) It's 39.00$ and if I was deciding on what Christmas present to get for that special someone, I'd get this! ASAP. :)

You can also purchase the whole collection for just 165.00$(it's like you're getting the palette for free). A pretty good deal if you ask me. :)

Hope you liked this post and if you intend to buy something out of this collection I'm extremely jelly right now but if not, maybe let me now down in the comments which products has caught your eye.

That's all for now, bye beauties. :)



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