Friday, 20 September 2013

Ideas for simple gifts from the heart

So, hello there. I always had issues at picking the perfect gift. I've come to conclusion that there is no such thing, at least when you're not buying for yourself. I was usually buying with a friend, so we'd picked together... Which is even harder, you know-different taste.

My common sense hit me! I'm buying for someone else. I should pay attention to them and their taste, not mine. Yet, knowing someone's taste is veeeeeeeery hard. Especially when you are spending money. Wrong gift would be like tossing money through the window. :)

I think if you give something that has special value to the other person or maybe to your relationship, gift will be much more apreciated. Even if you didn't spent a lot of money. I personally, would cherish that kind of gift. Here are some things I came up with(keep in mind that most of this things are mostly for girls :) ).


If you are like me, then receiving food is ALWAYS a great gift. So why not giving it. Bake something that your friend desires and likes a lot, but won't bake it herself cause she wants to watch her weight or simply is not good at baking. :)

Cupcakes are complicated to make if you want them to be just perfect to that special someone. But to be fair, they are not so hard to make. And they are simply cute AND delicious. :)
Brownies(not the kind that are "fun" to eat and illegal somewhere;) ) are perfect for the person that will pick chocolate over... Almost anything? :) They tend to be too much chocolaty or dry sometimes, so make sure you follow the recipe. Still not so hard to make either.
Cake is just perfect for birthdays! Who doesn't like cakes? But so many to choose from... Well, matter of taste is important. If you're baking a cake for someone, make sure not to put something they are allergic to or they just can't stand(I personally, would bake a whole cake just for my friends and family and I know what they would want). However, you can't go wrong with nutella cake. At least if the person you're baking for is normal. ;)

BBC cupcakes recipe

Jamie Oliver - bloomin' brilliant brownies


Decorations are great to gift to someone who's just moving into new place. Again, make sure you know the person and their style/taste before buying really expensive decoration, because if you don't... Well don't be ofended if you don't see it next time you come to visit(if my mom receives something she doesn't like, she gives it to someone else. I have mixed feelings about that).

Scented candles. No need to argue with that. But some people get irritated by the smell. Headaches, nausea, coughs... Not something you'd like to get when receiving this, right? If scented candles make your friend sick, buy regular one. They usually never go to waste due to electrical outages.
Mugs, for that special friend who's always sipping some coffee or tea. Even if that's not the case, who has too many mugs with cute animals or gorgeous paint jobs? :)
Picture frames with picture from a special memory. If my friend gave me a frame with the picture that came with the frame... I would be sad. If you don't have any pictures of you and your friend/s, then just take it. Really easy and simple, but very much appreciated.

Yankee candle cinnamon appleberry
Zazzle unicorn with cupcake mug


No girl has too much accessories. So if you're not really sure what to get, stop by the shop with accessories(possibly sometimes with your friend, so you see what kinda things she would like). Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, scarfs... There's a lot for you to choose from. 

Forever 21 stud set
Boohoo pearl bracelet

Accessorize supreme ring set


My favourite type of gift! If there's a girl in the world who has been receiving make up and doesn't like it-please get in touch with me and send them to me(haha). :D
But seriously, every girl is happy with make up, am I right? And there is also a  lot to choose from. Lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadows, blushes,... But to save time looking at the perfect shade of lipstick or eyeshadow, buy a whole palette with different eyeshadows perhaps with blushes too or lipsticks.

Elf palette
Bh cosmetics Hollywood palette
MUA BNTM palette

And when you have bought or baked what you think is perfect for that special friend, make sure to buy a card(or make it yourself, even better) and write your thoughts or poem or just some personal references and inside jokes. Then wrap the gift or put in cute box or gifting bag and you're good to give!

(I gave this to a friend of mine on her birthday. There's a box full of candy and then there's a keychain with Eiffel tower and a card. Iphone not included :) )
Was this post helpful? Leave me a comment if it was or wasn't, I'm interested in what are your suggestions and thoughts about finding the perfect, but simple gift.



Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Look what came in the mail today!

So... Hello there. I have been wanting this since it came out, I've dreamt about this gorgeous beauty and now that I own it I can't help but just stare at it. Is it normal, am I normal? :)

I was looking at it for so long at the bh cosmetics site and thinking "Can't wait to get a credit card so I can go crazy!" cause they have really affordable prices for such good products. But one thing bothered me. Shipping costs -.- because I live in the middle of nowhere(not really, but living in US would help) shipping is so expensive I could buy myself another palette. And lets say you pick more than 4 or 5 things, shipping costs are even bigger! :(

But its not their(bh cosmetics) fault. I'm just upset that I'm so far away. So I was browsing through is a Slovenian site with so so so many make up brands) and they had a sale on this beauty and also a free gift(yaaaay!) :) Anywaaaaaay, here are some photies and swatches of my babe(and my free owl necklace) :)


Colours are so gorgeous! There are some neutrals(which I'm totally in love with) and some beautiful bright and pastel colours. There are 6 matte eyeshadows and the rest are pearly/shimmery. Pigmentation of matte shadows is slightly better(especially in darker shades) but shimmery ones are great as well. They seem to blend well, so for now there are no concerns. I haven't tested them on my lids though, but I'm sure they will be awesome. :)

Oh, I am using a primer(MUA pro base eye primer)... Just so you know :)


Blush section is a little bit less *WOW* for me. I like the first(pink blush) and the third(seems to be a highlighter). I haven't tried these either, so I might like the second one as well. But the last one... Its too light to be a bronzer or contour colour or blush. Maybe as an eyeshadow? :)
Colour payoff and pigmentation is good(not too little and not too much, just right). 

What do you think? :) You like it? Well I love it! If you are from Slovenia you should check because its still on sale!

This is all for this post, I hope I got you interested. If not, please leave me a comment what you think I should change or do next time to be more interesting :)



P.S.: I had to upload photos again so I'm sorry for poop swatches :/

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Start of something new...

So... Hello there, someone? In case you were wondering, this isn't the tittle of a song from High School Musical, so sorry if I let you down. :)

Not really sure whether I'm good at this, I decided to give it a go. I have been thinking about this for a very long time and here I am writting and still not sure about this, cause I have no idea about what I am going to write.

Just for a short introduction, my name is Ana Maria and I'm 18 years old(soon to be 19). I live in Slovenia, which is a small country in Europe(in the middle of Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, in case you didn't know). So if I make small or big grammar mistakes please don't judge me, after all English is my... Third language. :)

I was thinking about making this beauty thing, since my passion for make up is so extreme(a little bit over exaggerating there). In case there is a girl(or boy, not judging) who is reading this I may tell now that high end products are kind of out of reach for me. I just got out of school and I'm searching for a job so my funds are not so dazzling. But in a last few months, I was saving money and I bought a few things on my own, which I must say I have been obsessed with.

Soooooo this is it for now, I hope I got at least one person interested. Cause after all, it only takes one person to believe in you and make your dreams come true... And it rhymes! Wow, a born writer. ;)

B-bye :)


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