Saturday, 8 March 2014

L'Oreal Infallible 24h Stay Fresh Foundation First Impressions

Hey there! The brand I was always mesmerised by but just could not buy it cause, well it is on the more expensive side... is L'Oreal. I can't really cave in yet and buy a  L'Oreal lipstick cause I still think 10eur is a bit too much :$

But I did buy a foundation! Which I saved almost 5eur on so I got a pretty good deal. Anyways! I picked up the lightest shade(130, True Beige),  out of the bunch and happily walked out of the drugstore. L'Oreal is well known for their quality makeup so I was almost sure the first impression of it will be nothing but positive. Well...There's a tiny thing that bugged me...

Do you like my artistic skills? :D

The thing is, it and doesn't suit me perfectly. The foundation itself is really nice and makes my skin look really nice, but a tad orange. :S It isn't that noticeable, but I can tell.

I like the packaging, the red, black and white text... It's just the text I know, but something about that red makes this look more appealing. Red, black and white is my favourite combo anyways. Sexeeeee... :P

This is probably just me, but did you notice that heart under the bar code? I did. :D Probably isn't meant to be a heart but oh well. :P

The easiest way to get the foundation out... Through the pump! :D

Even swatched, it's a tad orange for me, but it blends out really nice.

Soooooo... I applied it in the morning somewhere around 9 O'clock. Don't mind my sleepy face and ugly dark circles. :3

You can see how good the coverage is(medium-full) but you can also see it is a tad too orange for me, as I said. It covered my dark circles really good, I didn't need to use concealer at all, but I did just to brighten that area a bit. I liked the way it settled on my face(it wasn't shiny, didn't settle right into my fine lines) it didn't really needed any setting powder at all. But I did use it on my T zone, cause I tend to get oily throughout the day. It feels extremely lightweight, I forgot I even had it on me at one point.

Oh the difference between my face and chest... :3

Here's the full face make up. I didn't notice orangeness(probably not the real word) that much after putting on the blush and the bronzer. What kind of sorcery is that? Make up. :)

I snapped a few photos again at 3 O'clock in the afternoon and I can see a few things I would need to touch up.

It was quite okay on my T zone, but I'd probably have to touch up that area in an hour or two. The area that bugs the hell out of me is the nose area and under eye area. The redness around my nose is one of the things I'd have to hide with my concealer, as well as the dark circles. My chin has red spots, but that's my fault... :P
And I can see from the photo on the left, my blush application was kind of off that day. Öps! My bad! :P

I went out with my friends later on and didn't took any photos during the day anymore. I took the last ones at night when I came back home. So somewhere around 11 O'clock in the evening, I took these...

The quality of photos is really bad and the things that had to be seen, aren't. So let me recap what was going on. The blush and bronzer were still there, although not as colourful as they were at the beginning of the day(but that is also my fault, I tend to support my head with my hands on my cheeks, which is really bad for skin, I know :S). The redness around my nose and dark circles under my eyes weren't worse since afternoon, pretty much the same. My T zone was a bit oily(I touched up with powder somewhere around 6 O'clock), specially my nose(maybe not the best thing in the world for oily skin types). Throughout the day, I didn't notice foundation going into my fine lines and after one touch up with translucent powder, I didn't look cakey at all.

If I was to wear this foundation on its own my little orange face would be more noticeable but wearing it with blush and some bronzer does make it look better(as I said... that... twice). And for me not being a pro at applying foundation I had some issues with blending... Öps! The first two brushes I tried didn't work out for me so I went and used the easiest technique. Fingers. And that made a better results for me. I guess I'm just poop at applying foundation... Well I never really used that much foundation so it is okay! :D

Overall, I really like this foundation I would buy it again(the full price is kind of a lot, I mean 16eur?)   but maybe one slightly lighter. Unfortunately, that was the lightest one in our drugstore, so... Yay.

I am doing a tutorial next week of the look I had that day(it was yesterday, just... saying' :P). So if you're interested stay tuned! :)

Hope you liked this and I hope it helped, thank you for reading.




  1. nice post! I tried 140 and it did the same to me as to you but I would like to try the lightest shade in drugstore in Slovakia 120, maybe it will suit me. My blog:

    1. It 'dries' a bit darker.. When swatcing it's the perfect shade but after a while the actual swatch is a shade darker. -.- Unfortunately, we don't have lighter shades :( pale girl problems! :D

  2. Loved your review. What's your skin type, Oily/Dry? It's just that I've been thinking of buying it but wasn't sure.

    1. why thank you :) my skin is normal but sometimes my T zone gets oily, sometimes even dry around the nose area.
      I liked the foundation a lot but couldn't really wear it cause it oxidised on my face after a while so it was too dark for me. So if you are planning to buy it try it out in the store(if you can) on you face. If its a match immediately, wait a bit, it might get darker for you too. :)



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