Thursday, 5 December 2013

Have I hit the wall?

Hey there. I have been writing for a bit over three months now and I think I am the point where I have no idea what to write about.

I don't know if its a good  idea to write about not knowing what to write about but oh well. :P There haven't been that much people reading my blog and there has been a comment or two which I'm thankful for although I wish I'd get more feedback and some suggestions. But I'm more or less a nobody in this blogging world(sob).

I have planned some tutorials in this festive time but to be honest I have no idea how am I gonna do that since my camera(and its not even a real camera, its an iPad) is really poop. I am very determined to do that so I can almost promise that I will be doing a Christmas tutorial and New Years one as well(I reallyreallyreallyreally hope I won't break my promise :S).

So this post might be the only post this week since end of the week will be kind of hectic. I'm having several performances with my choir and rehearsals and stuff so I'll be out most of the time.

This is it for now, kind of a short post(I always write novels here :D) and not so interesting. :) But again, I would sosososososo appreciate a comment from whom ever reads this and even a suggestion if you're up for it. :)

Thank you for reading, take care.


I cut my hair after over a year (I think)! :D Happy bear!


  1. Don't get discouraged. Sometimes it's about the one person who finds something special in your writing, rather than many people who only find it to be so-so. And hey, everything takes time. I'm learning that myself :)

    1. Thank you for kind words :) Its not that I'm discouraged, its just a weird moment where I dont know what to do :D But yeah, it takes time couldn't agree more. :)



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