Saturday, 15 March 2014

Essence Bloom Me Up Brushes!

Hey there! When I first saw these, I feel in love instantly. And oh my God I've been searching for them for a while.

So, Essence releases a new trend edition every month. And they've had some really cool stuff throughout the years, but the Bloom Me Up edition was the best one in my book. Such gorgeous colours and uh... Just perfections. I was browsing through the web somewhere in February and I've seen some German bloggers blog about these. And as soon as I saw them I was praying to God they come to Slovenia.

And in March, they did. Since Slovenia gets everything beauty and fashion related a month after the actual release I though the drugstores won't be having the brushes so early in the month. But I was wrong. I went to the Müller last Tuesday(just to check) and they didn't have them. I thought to myself 'Huh, well maybe this one didn't get them yet...'. So I went to another Müller which is half an hour drive away from the city centre(where the first Müller is) with the bus. And when I saw the stand, my eyes literally lit up and then... There was no brushes left... :@

Only the lash curler, the sponge applicators and the brush case were still there. Well, I wanted the case so at least I got that. After buying that, I decided to go to the last Müller in my area, which was on the other side of  the city and I took an hour long drive with the bus to get there. Finally, I arrived to the shopping centre and I almost ran through the crowd to get to Müller. I looked everywhere to find the logo of Essence and their little cardboard stand with the brushes and I finally found it, almost hidden somewhere under the shelf. But... No luck again. I found one last brush for the eyebrows... Well, at least I had a brush case and one brush. Yay...

I didn't want to give up that easily! Hell no! What was the alternative? The almighty online stores! There's one online shop with Essence stuff which ships internationally( Of course I rushed to see if they had them, and of course they sold out the majority of the brushes... Meh... Then I remembered, Slovenian cosmetic online store( has Essence too! So I sent them an email, asking about the Bloom Me Up brushes, and they said they won't be selling them(sob). Then I sent the email to kosmetik4less asking about restocking the brushes... No positive replies.

I've come to terms with the fact that those brushes won't be in my collection. I was okay. But then something amazing happened! Click2chic sent me an email, ''Bloom Me Up brushes will be available in our store''! But I had to wait for a week for them to be sold on the actual website. They were so nice to send me an email when the brushes were available, and of course I ordered them right away.

They came in the mail on Friday(yesterday) and I was so excited I couldn't sleep all night(I did sleep, but not so well). So here they are!

I hope I didn't bore you to death with this loooooooong adventure of mine(in case you actually read the whole thing). :P

Concealer Sponge

This looks very promising! Although I had hoped it would be bigger so I could use this for foundation, but it's always nice to find new brushes to improve makeup application. I am happy! :D

Big Powder Brush

This is so soft! I'm sure this is just a regular powder brush, and it looks like it would work just fine for powdering. I especially love the gorgeous lavender colour. :)

Blush Brush

From all the brushes I am the most excited for this! It's incredibly soft and it's dense as well. I like how the bristles are quite short, which I find it useful when applying foundation. It's more... Stiff. I could also use this for blush, or for contouring or for blending out things. I'm content! :D

Duo Eyebrow Styler

You can never have too much eyebrow brushes and spoolies. The actual brush looks and feels very appropriate for gel products, so I can use this for gel eyeliner too! :) Yay!

Eyeshadow Brush Big

I wouldn't say they're okay with powdered shadows, because of the bristles. But might work just fine with cream shadows. Or concealer.

Eyeshadow Brush Small

Same goes for this one, wouldn't really use for powder thingies. LOVE the peachy colour! :)

Brush Bag

Ahhh... Such gorgeous colour. I also like the print on the case. And I have been looking for something like this for a while now. It has 6 empty spaces for all the essential brushes you need on the go. :)

Look how beautiful they look, resting in the sweet sweet lilac pouch? Ahh... Happy. :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this just as much as I was enjoying writing it. Now I'm going to bathe these babies and play with them! Wow, that sounds sooooo wrong... :S Awkward!

Meow. :3



  1. Do you still love these brushes? I so badly want them but have no idea how to get my hands on them being in the US. Any tips?

    1. Hello. :) well, the 'eye' brushes are rubbish for applying powder eyeshadow on but are okay for concealer and cream eyeshadow. The rest of the brushes are good :) Especially the blush brush for applying foundation. But I'm pretty sure you can't get them anymore.. They were limited edition and even I had a hard time getting my hands on them, maybe somebody sells them on ebay? or sth.. I don't really know :/



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