Tuesday, 25 February 2014

BH Cosmetics 28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette VS. eBay 28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette!

Hey there! Recently I've got this 28 neutral eyeshadow palette from eBay(and it was an accident that I got it actually, long story...) and I couldn't decide whether I think it's good or bad...

I then ordered the BH one, which I was originally wanting to buy and then I realised... It is completely different! I just got it but I can see the BIG difference just by comparing the two visually. 

Palette from eBay that I ordered was about 6 €(about 8$) and BH Cosmetics one was somewhere around 16€(21$).


Yes, the eBay one was 10€ cheaper, but man that palette is aaa... As you can see, lighter shades don't even show up or there are no big differences between them. The same is when I try to apply them to my lids. As for the darker ones?  I do prefer them, they're slightly better. Once I get them on my finger they're quite okay but swatching them on my hand or applying them on my lids... I can't really say if it's black or deep maroon. And once I start blending them they magically disappear. What kind of sorcery is that? Oh and I have to be extremely careful with swatching, cause not all of them are the same consistency. Like some of them are soooooo soft that I might break them just by touching.

Swatches(some lighter shades don't show up):

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics offers really similar colours but are in some way better. They are more pigmented and colour seem to be different from one another. There are a shade one or two that aren't really chalky anymore, but they just crumble. Hard to explain. And these aren't as pigmented as the others. And there are maybe two lighter shades that didn't really swatch very well. Other than that, I prefer this palette and I think I can get much more out of it than from the one from eBay. 

Swatches(pretty much every shade is visible and what you see in the pan is what you get in the swatch):

So which one would I recommend? I'd buy the BH Cosmetics one. But I kind of like the darker shades better in the eBay palette, although they don't do their job, the colours are more appealing to me.  Do you know what I mean? :P Like in BH  palette is what you see is what you get, but it's not like that with eBay palette and that is a deal breaker for me.

I hope this was helpful and I hope I helped you make up your mind. If not, I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading. :)



Saturday, 22 February 2014

Products I Regret Buying

Hey there! I was trying to find an excuse for every thing that hasn't worked for me as if it's my fault they didn't do it's job. And well, in someway I still think I'm doing something wrong. :3

Anyways, when I buy stuff I always check on the web what kind of reviews each of them have and if they're any good I buy it then. But sometimes, I buy stuff without doing a thorough research. My bad!

Elf 32 pc Eyeshadow Palettes

So... I got two of them(Natural, Brights) and neither of them impressed me. I mean they're not completely bad but when I use neutral shades and try to blend it out it just doesn't blend out nicely. The consistency of the shadows feel like dry dirt, to be honest. As I said, they're not that bad especially not for a simple look. You know, without complicating too much. Maybe with a better primer they would do a better job. 
Also, the other colours(especially in the Brights palette), the shadows - they don't seem to be the same as they look in the pan. Especially after blending. They seem to fade out.

If I had the chance to buy them again, I wouldn't. They're not that expensive and I got them while Elf(UK) had their 50% sale offer, but still. I'd pass.

Elf Eyelid Primer

I actually did quite a research for this one but this is just not working out. Eyeshadows don't seem to be more intense and it's really hard to pack on other colours after applying the first one. I didn't notice my shadows to crease so I guess that's a plus. The consistency of it is very watery so I might have got the one from the bad batch. I truly don't know, it's just not what I expected.

I would buy this again just to see if the first one was just from the bad batch and to compare them. I mean, it's really inexpensive. 

Catrice Glamazonia Blushes

I love Catrice to death and it's probably my favourite brand but these were just wrong for me. Yup, I bought two... This one is not really their fault, it's mine. I picked up two shades that would never suit me. I'm quite pale and these are extremely pigmented. Soooo... I kind of look like a clown. And it's really hard to use it with a light hand cause they're matte and kind of hard to blend. So I have to blend it with force and power(?) and by the time I blend it out nicely, my cheeks are glowing. And not in a good way.

Would I buy this again? No way, well I were tanner or if I had darker skin. Besides, it was a limited edition. :P

Catrice KOHL Kayal Pencil

Again a purchase I didn't think through. I honestly don't know what was I thinking while buying this. Maybe cause it was on sale... :P This pencil kind of smudges(but almost every pencil I have smudge on me, you see, I have very watery eyes ._.) but they're not bad. I have it in the other colour. But man... Lime green? Not for everyday obviously, it could work during summer but still, this is so not me. :D

I wouldn't buy this again cause for one, they discontinued it that's why it was on sale. I'd buy other colours though. :)

Vivo Under Eye Roll-On Concealer

I am very picky about my concealers and this one didn't make the cut. It creases a bit and doesn't do much for my dark circles. It is also quite oily and it smudges my mascara on my bottom lashes. I am not big on touching up my concealer just anywhere so I need a good concealer that'll stay on for a good amount of time. And sadly, I would say this is not a long-lasting one. 

I probably wouldn't buy this again. Just doesn't work for me.

MUA Sheer Lip Gloss Tubes

I adore MUA, especially their eyeshadows. They're absolutely amazing for the price. I can't really remember why I got this, I don't like glosses in tubes to begin with. And I don't like this one cause it's too sticky for me. I feel like when I have this on, it's like I have the whole tube(a bit exaggerating :P)  on my lips, feels really heavy and sticky on top of it. If you're not easily bothered by stickiness this gloss is okay, it is inexpensive too. I gave it to my mom and she doesn't mind it. :)

I personally, wouldn't buy this for myself again just cause the sticky feel really bothers me.

MUA Eyebrow Pencil

I used this a couple of times and I have kind of mixed feelings about it. I consider it to be a kohl type  of pencil. Not so much suitable for brows, but works fine as an eye pencil. So what I'm trying to say is that if you fill in your brows with it they look really harsh and too dark. It didn't go to waste though, I used it quite a bit on my waterline.

I have found a better brow pencil so I wouldn't buy this again for my brows.

Revlon Lip Butter 'Peach Parfait'

I kind of regret buying this for one reason. It has shimmer. A lot of it! It is a nice colour and my lips don't feel chapped so much after applying it, but the shimmer bothers me a lot. :( I still wear it around the house and when I go for a walk or something like that. I hope the shimmer won't bother me forever... :( Cause I kind of like it...

Well, I have couple of other colours on my wish list cause I really like the formula of these. So I would buy a different colour perhaps. :)

Essence Paper Print Manicure

I did a post on this, you can check it here. I am still sure I did something wrong and that it's my fault that didn't work. But at the same time, how hard can this be? Anyways it was a waste of time... I tried really hard again with other print and that didn't work either. :( So... Yeah.


Maybe I'd try a different print? I don't know, I'd probably skip on this and buy a lipstick instead. :D

Maybelline Color Tattoo 'Timeless Black'

I have bought this to use as a gel eyeliner. And it worked fine for a while but every time I used it it was getting drier and drier. So now I can't even use it as a base because it is too dry. It is a shame cause it didn't smudge on me and it lasted a long time. So it is kind of a waste, it isn't that expensive but still... It's more than half left. :/

I'd pass on this and just go for the L'oreal gel eyeliner. It is more expensive but it is good. 

This is pretty much it. Not many things are unloved in my collection. I try to find a way to work with everything I have so it doesn't go to waste, but these... Well I can't do much with them sadly. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. :)

Take care! :)


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Make Up Collection: My Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey there! I have been thinking for a while now, if I should do a makeup collection and storage post and I figured that might me a bit too long for a blog post so I decided to cut them in pieces.

So I'm starting off with my favourite items in my collection and those are my Sleek eyeshadow palettes. Now I know I don't need any more palettes and just these alone are way too much for a normal human being, but I might not be normal soooo... It's okay. :) Ohh, and like everyones says ''I'm not bragging, showing off...'' I'm just sharing my love for makeup, which I bought.

I have 4 palettes which are in the permanent line and 4 limited edition. I have been eyeing the Garden Of Eden but it has some green shades and I don't wear that much green so I'm arguing with myself not to buy that, so I'm (probably) not.



This is probably my favourite palette, but seeing the rest of them I'm never completely sure! The top row is perfect for everyday use, it has some neutrals and some some pinks and the bottom row is great for smoked out look with two gorgeous neutral shades. Love, love, love! This one is a must have!


If you've seen my Valentine's Day Make Up looks, then I'm sure you've seen this gem. I love using this for more feminine looks. The pinks here are truly beautiful and some are really unique(Gateau is my favourite). 


Ultimate neutral palette, this is definitely my go to palette. If I don't feel like complicating and just doing my make up simple, I always turn to this palette. It is the newest member, but I had this palette before. The thing is... I don't know what happened to it(sob). 


It's perfect for the year 2014! I'm not sure if you're aware but the colour of the year is Radiant Orchid and here are some shades which are very similar to this colour. I also enjoy three different shades of gold. :) Magic!


MONACO - Mediterranean Collection

This beauty is quite new to the family. I have used it in my 'Frozen' inspired make up tutorial and I absolutely love the colours. Maybe I could do more with them in the spring and summer since there are many vibrant colours.

RESPECT - Shangri-La Collection

I LOVE the white shade in the first row SO MUCH! It's matte and soooo pigmented! Perfect white shade. I like pretty much the whole palette except orange shades don't suit me that well. I have been meaning to do a Barbie inspired look with that bright pink, but haven't planned the whole thing out yet. 

SUPREME - Shangri-La Collection

To be honest, I could've skipped this one. Apart from the mint green in the bottom row I haven't had much use from the rest of the shades. Those blue don't seem to go together that well and the neutral shades are too funky looking for me. :/ But it's Sleek. :)


I love how the eyeshadow in this palette have the names from other palettes or at least most of them. It's cute! :3 I am a fan of all the shades but it seems like I gravitate to the champagne shade(Storm) the most. :)

Here are all my Sleek palettes(for now), they are all extremely pigmented and affordable so it is not hard to guess why they're my favourites. I might do the next batch of palettes next week. :) Hope you enjoyed this and thank you for reading.

You-Divine! ;)


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