Sunday, 7 December 2014

Essence LE Come to Town - Lipsticks

Hey waddup! Keeping my word - here's a new blog post. :)

So I've hauled these two in my haul video(you can see the video here), and I've decided just to show them off a little bit.

If you are familiar with Essence Longlasting lipsticks(they're awesome by the way), the formula is pretty much the same and the packaging is similar too. 

The two shades are perfect for any Christmas party, well for winter time in general. I'm a bit sad they didn't bring more shades into this LE(deep red maybe) but it isn't THAT big of a deal, since they have SO MUCH colours in their permanent line. These two go on super smooth and are quite pigmented. 

The red-coral shade is called Is That You Santa?(so freaking cute). I'm not a HUGE fan of these kind of shades but there is just something about this colour to make it really special. And the photo is totally not doing it justice. 

The berry-pink shade is called Wrapped in Pink. I am in love with this colour, I'm a sucker for good berry or purple shade. I just don't know what was wrong with the lighting or the camera, but these photos don't really show off the true colour. Its pretty darn close, but... Not close enough(the struggle of being a perfectionist). 

So this limited edition(or trend edition) Come to Town has some cute stuff and if you hurry up(EU people) you still might get it. 

I hope you enjoyed this little post, thank you for reading. :)


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Where have I been?

Hello! So I've been MIA in the past few months.. Yep.

The reason why I haven't been posting so much around here it's because I have been doing videos a lot and they take quite a lot of work. I didn't think doing videos and blog posts would be so difficult but I guess it's too much for me. 

So most of the videos I have done in the past few weeks were either tutorials or me trying to be funny. I decided I'm gonna be doing stuff on my blog as well, such as product review(or some other type of review) and maybe showing off some swatches. I won't be posting as much as I did before, maybe twice a month or a bit more.

If you have been following this blog or not, let me just say I'M BACK! :D

I've just filmed and edited a new video(a haul video), it will be up soon, but I'm thinking about reviewing some things from the haul so a new post will be up next week! :)

You can catch up on my videos if you'd like. :)

Thanks for reading and watching(in case you did) now I have to go and upload the haul video! :)


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

P2 Cosmetics Haul!

Hey there! Took a little break from blogging and vlogging, but here's another video!

I've shopped a little while I was on a break and I got so many nice stuff from P2 i had to share. And I used a little bit different technique on my video today and I really really like it. :)

I hope you enjoyed and I hope you liked the haul. If you are from Slovenia, go check out, they have some amazing stuff and the best customer service. :) And hurry, this week they have free-shipping offer. :)

Thanks for sticking by!


Saturday, 28 June 2014

No Mirror Makeup Challenge!

Hey there! Finally, I'm doing this challenge, I have been planning to do this for so long, so here it is!

I'm sure, you've heard about this challenge but if not, the tittle is pretty much self explanatory. Doing my makeup without the mirror. Which is one big pain in the booty, but I think I did pretty well, considering.

I'm including some photos as well, I realise the video's quality is poop, therefore you can't really see what's happening. :)

I hope you enjoyed this and if you did, please leave a feedback, I'd appreciate it.:)



Saturday, 21 June 2014

Contour And Highlight!

Hey there! So I did this video, how I contour and highlight. :)

I don't think that's the correct way to do it cause you know, I'm not a pro really, but I do think that's really an easy way to do it, well it is for me so.. Yeah. :)

Everything I used is either mentioned in the video or I've put it in the description box, so if you arei interested, check it out.

I hope you enjoyed the video and if you have the chance, subscribe to see what's coming next, of course, If you are interested. :)

I'll see you next time for different kind of video. :)

Have a nice weekend, what ever is left of it. :)


Saturday, 14 June 2014

Makeup Tutorial: Fairy Inspired

Hey there! I wanted to use this quite new palette from Makeup Revolution and do a tutorial with it but I just didn't have any ideas...

Until recently I was inspired by the colour in the palette and the fact that one of them looks like a fairy dust!

So yeah, here it is, I hope you like it!

What do you think? Well, I really like the way it turned out, especially with a wing like that... I like winged eyeliner like that... :)

Anyways, hope you enjoyed thank you for watching!



Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How not to be a B*tch!

Hey there! I did another skit type like thingy... Yeah.

So, basically re-enacted a few things and just made up the rest to complete this video idea I had. :)

I hope you enjoyed this little video and stay tuned for more! :)

Have a nice day.. It's quite hot and sunny here where I live.. :/



Saturday, 7 June 2014

Collective Haul!

Hey there! I shopped again, and I got a few things.. :) Yaaay!

So I filmed a haul and here it is. :) I hope you enjoy. :)

This nail polish is more orange than here on this photo.

These aren't glossy at all, it's just freshly applied. :)

This shade looks brownish on this photo, but in reality is more nude. If that makes sense.

I tried these brushes since filming the haul and OH MY GOD... They are ah-mazing. :)

So this is it for today, and see you next time! 



Saturday, 31 May 2014

Makeup Tutorial: Easy Pin Up Look

Hey there! Today I bring you a very easy and simple look for every day, well maybe it's a bait over the top for someone but I'd wear this as a neutral type thing everyday. :)

Everything I used is listed in the description box on this video(on the Youtube), but FYI, I used only three eyeshadows. :)

I hope you liked the look and the video and I'll see you next week(psst... I have a haul ;))

Have a nice weekend!


Saturday, 24 May 2014

My Makeup DON'Ts

Hey there! I wanted to do a prom makeup tutorial for today but I figured it wasn't the time anymore, season for that kind of ended... So...

I did something potentially funny and learnable.. Is that even a word? It could be, Shakespeare invented words too.

SO! Am, yeah I was  looking through some photos and I realised that my makeup was terrible back in the days(I am talking as if I'm 70 year old woman). And I just did a video about my gruesome makeup, I felt kind of nostalgic...

I hope you enjoyed the video, I sure had fun making it. :D Anyways, feel free to subscribe and leave a feedback. 

See you next time, next week... Yeah!



Saturday, 17 May 2014

RANT: Spring Allergies!

Hey there! Another kind of not beauty related video of mine. 

I know a lot of people struggle with allergies every day and I know a few people with those kind of allergies and they have it far worse than me, but you see I'm a little drama queen sometimes. Excuse me. :) So yeah, enjoy!

How did you like the video? Ohh! It's my 10th video, so it is a special event today for me and my new channel! :D

Well anyways, hopefully you enjoyed this little video and I hope you will join me next week because I have a special tutorial planed! :)

Have a great weekend! 


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sleek 'Del Mar' Makeup Tutorial

Hey there! I got the new Sleek palette and I'm in love! Pretty much set with eyeshadows for the rest of the Summer!

As if!

But anyhow, here is my latest tutorial using the brand new palette of mine! Enjoy!

How did you like my video? What about the overall look? :3 Love to hear some positive feedback and constructive criticism too. :)

Anyways,... I will see you next time. Thank you for watching and reading!

Gutte nacht!


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