Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Make Up Collection: My MUA Eyeshadows

Hey there! Decided to continue doing these kind of posts every Tuesday or every other Tuesday... We'll see. :)

Anyways, MUA eyeshadows are the star of today's post. I like their shadows cause they're really affordable and really good. For being so cheap, their pigmentation is amazing. 

There are 5 pre-made palettes in my collection and one palette I made myself with their single eyeshadows and an empty palette which I bought from eBay.



You probably know, that this is a dupe for Naked palette from Urban Decay, and it's pretty much the reason why I bought it. And I'm not regretting it. This has been my favourite for a very long time and there was the time when I used this palette and this palette only. The golden shade in the first row is probably my favourite shade in this palette.


And this beauty is a dupe for Naked 2. Also the reason why I bought this. I love this palette to death! I tend to use Undressed more but this one looks better. It's just more appealing. :3 My mom likes this palette as well. :D


I had high hopes for this palette but it didn't impress me the way other palettes did. I like it and I use it to blend out other shades but that's pretty much the only thing I use it for. The pigmentation isn't that good to use them on their own. At least not for me.


I haven't shown that much love to this palette, but I should have. It is gorgeous. And the shades are so amazing and quite unique. Especially the bottom row. These shades are suitable for smoked out looks for clubbing and similar events. For everyday not so much, that's why the upper row comes quite in handy. From dusk till dawn, perfect name for the palette. 


I'm guessing MUA gets inspired by Urban Decay a lot. This one is a dupe for Smoked palette from UD. For once, I didn't buy this because it was a dupe, but I felt like this palette is amazing for the winter time and for everyday looks since it has some gorgeous neutrals in it too. I haven't been impressed with the eye pencil very much, it smudges on me but almost every pencil does that so... Yeah. :D


So here's the palette I've put together. I am really really really impressed by their single eyeshadows. They have some amazing and unique shades among the pearl singles. I have two matte shades in there as well but as said before, I am not that impressed with their matte shadows as much as I am with their shimmery or pearly shadows. 

Starting from the first row:
Shade 2(Pearl): It's a white shimmery shade. I like to highlight with this shade from time to time but it also looks great on the entire lid with some darker shade in the outer corner.
Shade 1(Pearl): My favourite shade, looooove to use this to highlight my inner eye corner and sometimes my brow bone. It is a shimmery champagne shade. A must have shade.
Shade 17(Matte): It's a matte beige. Not as pigmented as the shimmer shades but it is perfect for blending out some darker shades.
Shade 27(Pearl): It's a golden shimmery shade. Absolutely love this eyeshadow. It's pigmented all right, but the colour itself isn't that overpowering. Just the perfect kind of gold.
Shade 11(Pearl): This one is very unique, a shade that's very hard to describe. When you look at it in the pan, it looks like a shimmery brown. But when you swatch it... Looks completely different. And I like it. It has some bronze and taupe undertones. It's quite unique. 

Continuing from the second row:
Shade 3(Pearl): It's a silvery-grey shade with shimmer. An average silver shade. :)
Shade 16(Matte): This shade used to be pink(if I remember correctly) but it broke and I fixed it with alcohol and pressing technique and when I did that something changed and now this shade is peachy like and it crumbles a lot. Not a fan of it now.
Shade 22(Pearl): It's shimmery pink, but not completely pink. It changes the colour slightly as the viewing angle changes, like iridescent things do... But the thing is it's not really iridescent, not completely. Hard to explain... :( LOVE THE SHADE! :D
Shade 24(Pearl): A shimmery cranberry-bronze shade...? It's really difficult to explain it. I feel like it's mixture between cranberry and bronze colour. But I might be wrong. :D
Shade 25(Pearl): A shimmery cranberry shade. This one is quite the cranberry like shade(it's more on the pinker side though). I like it but it's hard to use these kind of colours on the eyes.

Ending this with the last row:
Shade 7(Pearl): It's a shimmery emerald shade. It is very similar to the emerald shade in the Smokin palette. What can I say? Emerald is such a rich colour and goes well with brown eyes.
Shade 26(Pearl): One of my favourite colours. It's turquoise with golden shimmer. At least it looks like that. I love to pair this shade with golden and brown eyeshadow.
Shade 10(Pearl): Kind of jeans blue shade, if you know what I mean. It's not a typical blue, it's like violet blue.
Shade 13(Pearl): A purple violet shade. Amazing shade, also one of my favourite. It's the colour of the rich, I feel. :) It is so gorgeous if you do a purple smokey look with this shade.
Shade 15(Pearl): A shimmery black. Nothing really special about this one. I still like it.

So this is pretty much it for the second part of my makeup collection. The next will be up next week or in the week after that. Probably the week after that. :) Hope you are liking these kind of posts and thank you for reading.

Have a lovely week.



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