Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Makeup Revolutin: Protection Palette(Light) Review+Swatches

Hello! Recently I've posted a haul video to my channel. I ordered some new things from Makeup Revolution so I decided to haul them and review some of them on my blog! 

If you'd like to see a the haul video, then just click HERE.

OKAY! Now for my first review(in a looooong time), I've decided to review Protection palette first.

The packaging looks pretty much the same as their other palettes(Salvation palettes, blush palettes,...). It seems quite sturdy. The only thing I would find kind of annoying(little bit): if you have loads of their palettes, you would have to mark them or something, cause its quite difficult to know which palette you're grabbing. If that makes sense.

The inside of the palette looks absolutely stunning. When I first opened the palette I noticed how shiny the concealers were. It was weird haha. But It is a big palette, you get a lot of products for the price. As you can see, it also has a huge mirror, which is very helpful while travelling.

The contour kit site of the palette, looks too good to be true. The contour powder blends out beautifully and its the perfect shade for me. Blush looks gorgeous as well, although it looks like a pinky mauve in the palette, but it comes off more pinky than anything else. The highlighter doesn't seem pigmented enough or it doesn't reflect enough light for my tasting. But its a nice shade. I wore these on my cheek for the entire day and I did notice that the staying power of them isn't really the best. I didn't notice highlighter at the end of the day anymore, blush and contour were barely hanging on.
Sorry for bad swatches, my hands were somewhat dry. 

And lastly, the covering part of the palette. When I dipped my finger into the pan.. Holy mother of God, that thing.. Is creamy. Sometimes, products like that can be creamy and thats it. But nope, not this one. Besides having the superpower of creaminess it conceals my dark circles quite fabulously. And at the end of the day, my circles were still somewhat concealed. Momma is happy! As for the face powder, it did repel the shinning(lol) for a while but T-zone gets oily and all shiny and eww after a while. :) But that's okay, that's what's touch-up is for. Although if you're out and about, it's kind of a lot to take the whole palette with you, just for the powder. 

Do I like this palette?
Would you buy it again?
Although I love it, I am not sure. Maybe, I mean its quite handy for travelling.
Favourite part of the palette?
The fact that is only 6 pounds!
Is there something I would change about the palette?
Maybe spice up the packaging more, but that means more money.. Nevermind its perfect!

I have some other new stuff from Makeup Revolution so I will be reviewing some of those as well. So stay tuned, or follow me on twitter to be notified when something new comes up. :)

Thanks for reading and byeeeee!


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