Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Makeup Collection: My BH Cosmetics palettes

Hey there! Here's another stack of palettes for me to include into the Makeup Collection post. I hope you've been enjoying them so far and... Yeah let's see what I have here. :)

I use BH Cosmetics almost every time I do my makeup. Sometimes, I even forget about my Sleek palettes. :O Mostly because BH has a lot of shades to choose from in just one palette. :) They aren't the best, but they are good indeed and for the price? Super good. :)  For some, these may not be a lot(if you take in consideration my other palettes, it's kind of ridiculous) but to be honest, I can't get them frequently since it is a company from the States. These were all on some sort of sale or something on Slovenian sites and that's the reason I have them. Without the sale, they're kind of expensive. I have four more palettes on my wish list(It's Judy Time palette, That's Heart palette, Forever Nude&Glam palettes) but I think I won't be getting them anytime soon, still not available in my country. :/


This is the only palette that doesn't have eyeshadow in it. :) I was thinking about buying the Glamour blush palette but, I am not so sure. It is fairly inexpensive on click2chic.si(Slovenian cosmetics site) but, I have to do my research first! Umm... Yeah! So this palette has been okay. I love the blushes(they're matte) but the rest is okay. Bronzer is pretty good though, I can use it with light hand and won't be too dark(even though it looked really dark in the pan). White powder is okay for brightening the under eye area and for highlighting. I discovered the perfect brush for this, since it isn't really pigmented(here it is) and with it, the powder comes off white, but not 'in your face' white. Overall, I'm not sorry for buying this, still love it. :)


I bought this palette as a present for Christmas. For myself, of course. :D And I was so hyped when I got it. I was eyeing it for soooooooo long. It has so much gorgeous neutrals and some girly pop of colours(pinks, purples). It has some darks too, for smokey eyes and uugh... I love it. Some of them are more powdery and not that pigmented but it is manageable, with some white eye primer(e.g., NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk). 


I had bigger hopes for this one, with that being said I am not disappointed. I was expecting more pigmented white or cream colours and more matte shades. Even though the shades I was expecting aren't there I still very much like this palette and it's the palette I use the most. :) It would be awesome to see a Volume 2 of this palette with some more neutrals. Like Naked 1,2 and 3 shades in one palette. A wild idea, but I would so want that kind of palette. :)


I think this was my first BH palette. :) And this is the one that made me love their eyeshadows. I just love the concept of these so much that I want to get the third one just to complete to collection, but the colours from Hollywood palette are too bright for me. :/ This is the kind of palette which I would take for travelling. It has some neutrals some gorgeous pop of colours and 2 amazing blushes and highlighters. Perfect! 

The same goes for this one, just this one has more shades for smoked out looks. I specifically love the silver one, on the right side. It's so gorgeous! :) That entire side has some really nice shades, actually. I don't use darker shades that much, since I don't do smokey eyes that often. But when I do, I use this palette. :)

This is the favourite! Mostly because the way it looks. Marbled shadows, beautiful shades, awesome packaging. :) I will get more use of it during the Spring and Summer, it has just the right shades for it. :) And these are really good eyeshadows, could wear them without primer. :)

So this is it for today's post and if you're indecisive about buying BH Cosmetics, don't be. I don't have experience with buying from them directly so can't tell you much about that, but their product are very good for the price.

 I hope you enjoyed scrolling through the post and I thank you very much for reading. :)




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