Saturday, 28 June 2014

No Mirror Makeup Challenge!

Hey there! Finally, I'm doing this challenge, I have been planning to do this for so long, so here it is!

I'm sure, you've heard about this challenge but if not, the tittle is pretty much self explanatory. Doing my makeup without the mirror. Which is one big pain in the booty, but I think I did pretty well, considering.

I'm including some photos as well, I realise the video's quality is poop, therefore you can't really see what's happening. :)

I hope you enjoyed this and if you did, please leave a feedback, I'd appreciate it.:)



Saturday, 21 June 2014

Contour And Highlight!

Hey there! So I did this video, how I contour and highlight. :)

I don't think that's the correct way to do it cause you know, I'm not a pro really, but I do think that's really an easy way to do it, well it is for me so.. Yeah. :)

Everything I used is either mentioned in the video or I've put it in the description box, so if you arei interested, check it out.

I hope you enjoyed the video and if you have the chance, subscribe to see what's coming next, of course, If you are interested. :)

I'll see you next time for different kind of video. :)

Have a nice weekend, what ever is left of it. :)


Saturday, 14 June 2014

Makeup Tutorial: Fairy Inspired

Hey there! I wanted to use this quite new palette from Makeup Revolution and do a tutorial with it but I just didn't have any ideas...

Until recently I was inspired by the colour in the palette and the fact that one of them looks like a fairy dust!

So yeah, here it is, I hope you like it!

What do you think? Well, I really like the way it turned out, especially with a wing like that... I like winged eyeliner like that... :)

Anyways, hope you enjoyed thank you for watching!



Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How not to be a B*tch!

Hey there! I did another skit type like thingy... Yeah.

So, basically re-enacted a few things and just made up the rest to complete this video idea I had. :)

I hope you enjoyed this little video and stay tuned for more! :)

Have a nice day.. It's quite hot and sunny here where I live.. :/



Saturday, 7 June 2014

Collective Haul!

Hey there! I shopped again, and I got a few things.. :) Yaaay!

So I filmed a haul and here it is. :) I hope you enjoy. :)

This nail polish is more orange than here on this photo.

These aren't glossy at all, it's just freshly applied. :)

This shade looks brownish on this photo, but in reality is more nude. If that makes sense.

I tried these brushes since filming the haul and OH MY GOD... They are ah-mazing. :)

So this is it for today, and see you next time! 



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