Friday, 1 November 2013

Tired of your lipsticks?

Hey there! I'm sure you've used your lipstick for cheeks before or at least you've heard of it. I personally got this idea from Michelle Phan long time ago, but only recently I started following her advice.. Or idea? :P

Anyways, I had this Avon lipstick for a while and I didn't quite like it on my lips(shimmer is a NO NO for me, just doesn't suit me), but I very much like the colour. I used it on my cheeks a few days ago and I was very much liking the end result.

So I decided to depot it! Or.. Demelt it :D I'm sure that this procedure isn't new to you either, but in case it is ---> depoting means take you the product you have out of its original packaging and put it in something you want it to be in(most of the time the purpose of depoting is to save space, but I personally love having lipsticks in their original bullets).

To depot lipstick(you don't want in its original bullet or you want to use it as a blusher and depoting will make it easier to use) you will need:

  • lipstick(go figure! :D)
  • candle 
  • matches or lighter
  • knife(I didn't use it, you'll see why)
  • spoon(I used a tea spoon and it was a bit too small)
  • a container to store your product(you can use old eyeshadow or blush package/container)
  • some paper towels/napkins and baby wipes

First thing I did was taking the lipstick from its case. I didn't use knife because I wiggled the lipstick a bit and the whole product came out. I'mma pro ;)

Then I lit the candle and I put the lipstick on my spoon. Then I started to melt the heck out of it. :)

As  I was melting the lipstick, I was shaking the spoon a bit just to stir it a bit and taking it off the flame from time to time(this prevents the lipstick from burning).

After my lipstick was completely melted I just poured the whole thing in my container.

 I did loose some of the product cause the lipstick's formula is quite thick so it's not as runny as the soup might be and it firms up quite quickly. To clean your spoon, just wipe it with napkins or paper towels and afterwards with some baby wipes. And later on wash it of course :)

So here's my blush! 

Looks a bit messy :S
I took of the lipstick's name of its shade and put it on the back
And the swatch of course

Hope I gave you an idea to do this yourself and If you want to see how this looks on my cheeks then stay tuned and follow me on Instagram as I might post some pictures in the next couple of days ;)

Bye for now you sexy mofos :P



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