Friday, 15 November 2013

Foundation not quite right there...?

Hey there. A friend of mine had problems with her foundation couple weeks ago and she was really pissed(pardon my French) cause it was too dark...

but that's not her... :D

Is your foundation too dark for you in the winter times? Or you might picked up a wrong shade? Or maybe you got a foundation as a gift? Despite these issues you still want to use it? Well this might work...

If you have it from the summer times and if you picked the wrong shade, then its not probably that much darker. So all you need to do is set your foundation with a lighter powder(lighter than your skintone). Or perhaps mix it with your moisturiser (since the cold isnt optional in autumn and winter this will be very helpful for your skin). Moisturiser will lighten the colour of your foundation and moisturise your skin(obvi...).
This is photo from another blog

also borrowed :) Right: foundation, left: mixed with moisturiser

If really dark foundation has been gifted to you then just use it with a foundation that's too pale for you(if you have one lol) and just mix and match! Try experimenting before you put the whole mixture on to your face though. Mix them on the back of your hand and add little bit of darker shade and lighter until you have the perfect shade for your face. Or maybe you can use them as contour and highlighting if you're not good with mixing :)

And if your skin is just fine with a spot here and there just use a tad of concealer. Flawless skin doesn't need a full coverage or even a medium one. I'm not a dermatologist but I'm sure that having too much products on your face isn't good. I know at least two girls who had the smoothest skin, but once they've started using foundation they were breaking out constantly. Every skin is different, but it doesn't damage you if you use less foundation(especially when you don't need it).

Hope this helped(in case you didn't know that before) and take care of your skin especially now during colder times. :)

Bye you beautiful creatures.



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