Saturday, 30 November 2013

Fragrance Direct ''Review''

Hey there! I recently discovered Fragrance Direct and I'm hooked! If you haven't heard about this site, here's the link.

So the site sells perfumes, make up, skin care products, sun&tanning products, bath&body products, hair products and they have a section where they sell like gift sets which is really nice especially now for the holidays. :) Seems like a regular beauty site, right? Well, not quite. The reason why I'm raving about this site so much is because almost every single thing they're selling is cheaper than in regular stores! Like even the high end stuff such as perfumes. :D

I of course ordered a few things right away but I had some troubles. I wanted some Dainty Doll blushes(I ended up with just one) but they only had two different ones in stock, but on the site it said all four shades are in stock. But after contacting them, they fixed it and they were really nice and wanted to help me(like almost every online store :P) and their replies were extra quick.

My order came within 7-8 days (I think), even though it was an overseas delivery and it supposedly takes 14-30 days. So I'm really happy with fast shipping. My items came to me in perfect condition, nothing was broken and all was new, of course.

So the thing I was most curious about was, actually were the Calvin Klein lipsticks(which were like £1.99!). I ordered three because I could only find their swatches that I liked(I didn't find that many swatches in general actually). So I still don't know if they're really CK, because its too good to be true. Like 2 pounds for a CK lipstick? I don't know... And to be honest, it doesn't seem like a high end product. The colour is very nice and the colour payoff is good, but something doesn't 'click'. Maybe the packaging seem like its about to break? I don't know... Anyways, fake or original I like the lipsticks. Neutral colours with matt finish, they do have tiny specks of shimmer but its not showing on the lips, so thumbs up for that!

All what I ordered

I'm happy with my purchase and with all the products I received so much that I might be buying some more in the very near future. :D Yuup, very obsessed! I would love to see what kind of finish(matt, shimmery, satin, sheer,...) some products(especially lip products) have on their site so it would be much easier to decide what kind of products you're interested in buying. Other than that, I would really recommend this site to anyone and I will buy from Fragrance Direct some more.

Hope you liked this post and I would love to see some feedback or some post request of what you'd like to read and me write about. :)

Take care and joyful shopping! ;)



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