Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Makeup artist center - Ljubljana

Hey there! I was so in love with makeup on Saturday! Why? Well there's a school of professional makeup for film, television, theatre and fashion and well I went there while they had open day! And it was amazing!

When we first arrived we had short(kind of) introduction of what sort of jobs a true makeup artist can have(beauty/fashion makeup and hairstyling, sfx makeup or prosthetics) and well they got me at ''Hello''. :)

After the introduction, a hairstylist, Matjaz Siska(or Matjaž Šiška, he's actually brother of my former classmate, fun fact :)) did a beautiful hairstyle inspired by 20's. I took some pictures but they're really bad quality soooo...

Looks like Dita von Teese :)

We took a short break after the hairstyling and I've took photos of a few interesting things on our break :D

Enormous changing room :)

Vintage camera :D

Vintage clothes :D

So after a short break, award winning makeup artist Einat Dan made us all laugh with her stories from photoshoots with this rich lady that was a huge pain in the ass. She said : ''You never know what B*TCH is in front of you.'' :D And of course we got to see her in the zone. She created a masterpiece just in minutes in front of us. I was really amazed. :) She said that models usually inspire her to do the makeup she does. :)
Another set of bad quality photos(bitter sweet moment hah)

Dear lord!
Einat was hilarious :D

'What to do with purple eyeshadow?...'
'... I will show you!' :)
She used body paint on her forehead. :)
Drawing some crazy eyebrows :D
LOVED, the eyebrows :D 
She used pink pigment on her forehead
and she took some pink body paint and
splatter it on with tooth brush :)

And the finished look... 
Like a porcelain doll *__*

Let's say I had the best day of the week, month maybe even year. :') Ooooh! We even got this card(which only makeup artists get, fyi ;)) to shop in Kabuki Makeup Place and we get 20% discount! :D I'm sure there's like all expensive things in it but it's a nice thing to have just for the personal memorabilia. :)

Soooo as long as I don't have the money to apply for classes in this school, I'm just an average person, just me. :( Can I create a fund? Like where strangers can donate for my tuition? :D No, I'm not that selfish and self-centred :)

I hope this post was as half as amusing and fun as that day was for me and if you too want to become a makeup artist but somehow can't, I can feel your pain.

Bye, have to go and figure out what to do with my life(sob). :P



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