Sunday, 24 November 2013

BH Cosmetics and Catrice HAUL!

Hey there! I have been very blessed with make up this week that I simply have to share my thoughts on some stuff which I have already tried.

Sooooo, onto the haul!

I bought all BH things on and they had 50% off sale and I was so so so happy they finally did that but I was so bummed cause they didn't had the new palette Galaxy Chic(sob) which I wanted to order from BH official site when they launched it but their shipping is really expensive.

Can I just say that the packaging is too cute! Look at the box! It's pink and 'Packed with love' :D It was a precious moment for me! :)

Carefully packed :)

I actually got a free Beauty UK posh pout in Corally Incorect :) And every time I want to order something they have a free gift offer(yay).

BH Cosmetics SAN FRANCISCO Eyeshadow and Blush Palette

If you read my previous posts you know I already bought one palette from California collection and I could not resist buying another one. The San Francisco palette has shades that I would use for a smokey eye and some wearable through the day looks(and Hollywood was out of stock so even if I wanted the other one I couldn't get it :D). Eyeshadows are really pigmented(9 matte shades and 7 shimmery/pearly shades) and the lighter shades are so gorgeous, my favourite colour is this white with almost iridescent lilac shimmer(which this photos aren't doing it justice).

BH Cosmetics Blush Duo in DAISY

I am very happy with the blush duo. I wanted the Lilac one as well but... Out of stock :/ Nevertheless, I am more that satisfied with Daisy :) I tried the less shimmery side and the pigmentation is okay(for me that's better that perfect, you see I'm quite pale :D) and it's a perfect mix of peach and pink. :)

The third swatch is mix of both.


Brushes are super soft and big enough but I do have issues with this pouch. The elastics inside are too big, brushes are falling out as soon as I open the pouch so... Not impressed with that :P I still haven't tried the brushes so can't tell you much on that. :)

BH Cosmetics CONTOUR and BLUSH Palette

The one thing I have been super excited but a bit disappointed is the Contour and Blush palette. I mean the pigmentation is... So-so? The lightest colour doesn't even show, maybe my brushes are poop but even when I dipped my finger in, it didn't do much... I was hoping this would be something like Ilamasqua's Intrigue powder blush. But it's definitely not. The contour colour was okay, not to dark and I'm quite happy that pigmentation is so-so with this one :) I didn't try the other lighter shades but I did try the blushes and they are okay(again-perfect for my skin tone :P). I guess I was disappointed with this palette, because I was really excited about the white powder. But its' okay. :)

There are 6 swatches but you can't really see them all :/
So let's talk about how much I've spent.
  • San Francisco palette: 7,48(10$/6,23£) 
  • Daisy blush duo was : 4,98 (6,69$/4,15£
  • Double ended travel brushes: 8,98 (12,06$/7,49£
  • Contour and blush palette: 9,98 (13,40$/8,32£
  • Beauty UK posh pout: 0 (0$/0£) ;) (I didn't include the photos from that because I didn't open it yet cause I might give it someone else... Maybe :P)

Now onto the Catrice haul. I went on a walk with my mummy and we stopped at the drugstore and she bought me some goodies. :)

CATRICE Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour UPSIDE BROWN

I bought another Gel lipstick! The colour is just right for this time of year(mauve/brown colour). I did review on these and I adore the formula of these lipsticks, it's super moisturising, not quite long-lasting but it doesn't come completely off after a drink or two.


I also got myself this blush which is similar to the lipstick, the colour I mean. :) Maybe it's a tad lighter but even better. Haven't tried this yet but I do have another blush from this collection and they're really pigmented(I have to use stippling brush) but a bit soft(like when I tried the tester in drugstore I almost broke it with my finger, and I am a gentle bird O:)) or creamy like... Do you know what I mean? :s

CATRICE Liquid Metal Eyeshadow GOLD N' ROSES

This eyeshadow is kind of my mother's buy cause she likes metal pink shades. :) But I had to include it because it's really a divine colour. It's very pigmented, yet is somehow chalky(but not an issue actually). It applies great with and without a primer and blends well.


I had high expectations about this eye liner. Formula is okay, it doesn't smudge but I was just expecting different colour. I wanted more like royal blue, but this is more of a indigo blue. And lights in drugstores can be so deceiving.

CATRICE Calligraph - ULTRA SLIM Eyeliner pen

Now this one is a gem. I've been searching for a cheap one for a while now and I found it. I don't think this is a new product but I guess I didn't pay that much attention. It's very easy to do thin line(ultra thin applicator, duhh) but it's hard to do winged or cat eye look, cause the tip of the pen gets kind of dried up quickly so... nada for the wings!

CATRICE Camouflage Cream IVORY

And last but not least is the camouflage cream. Which is more like corrector but I use it under my eyes and it covers my bags completely(I'm very pale and my bags are sooooo blue, I look like a zombie). But it does look a bit caky. Not too much though.

How did my sweet momma pay? 
  • Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour: 4,19 (5,64$/3,50£
  • Defining Blush: 3,79 (5,11$/3,16£
  • Liquid Metal Eyeshadow: 4,29 (5,78$/3,58£
  • Kohl Kajal: 2,29 (3,09$/1,91£
  • Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen: 3, 29 (4,43$/2,75£
  • Camouflage Cream: 3, 29 (4,43$/2,75£
All in all I think I did get quite a lot for the money I've spent so that's always good. :) 

So this is everything that I've got this week and this has been a very loooong post so please forgive me. And if you have BH Contour and blush and if the white powder is working for you, please let me know which kind of brush you're using and/or what do you do to make it... Appear. :D

See you HAUL next time ;)



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