Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Calvin Klein Perfume Drugstore Dupe!

Hey there! I love browsing through Youtube and Google trying to find some good dupes for high end makeup. Yes, I am very obsessed with high end stuff and I just want to own every Nars blush, MAC lipstick and Urban Decay eyeshadow... But well I can't. :/

But enough about high end makeup. Let's talk about high end perfumes! Well for one, I own about one or two high end perfumes and I save them as much as I can cause they're not cheap. But when I wear them, its like I smell like a baby unicorn that's been washed by the rainbow(what?).

You see, last year when I turned 18 my brother bought me CK 'One Shock perfume'(''for her'' of course). And I was in love with it for days! Until... I bought myself a drugstore perfume that was I think 5 or 6 €. And to me they smell almost the same. Durability of CK perfume is better and more intense but I have been wearing the drugstore dupe more often because although they smell alike I prefer the dupe.

Oh... Silly me, I forgot to mention the dupe's origin(lol). It's the Essence perfume called 'Like a day in a candy shop'. The CK at first smells totally different, but when it's on for a while it really smells like the Essence one! At least to me... :P

And I prefer the Essence bottle. It's really cute :) It is roundly shaped and has just a sticker with three colourful stripes and the name of the perfume but I really like it. :)

So here's how the smell! :D That would be great, wouldn't it? Writing posts about perfume is weird cause I can only show the bottle. :/ 

Anyways, I hope you liked this post and that you have Essence perfume in your country(I hope it's not discontinued) cause it's really worth of buying(especially if you like CK One Shock and sweet perfumes). 

Smell ya later! :D



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