Tuesday, 28 January 2014

'Frozen' Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey there! I have finally watched Frozen(several times now) two weeks ago and I am obsessed! Yes indeed! And I am considering  Frozen to be the best movie Disney has ever made! :D 

Since I've watched it, I have been listening to the soundtrack from the movie and I have been quite inspired. Well, it's not much of a masterpiece but hey, I like it. :)

Sooo, let's build a snowman! :D 

Firstly, I set up a base for my eyeshadows and I chose Bamboo(Sleek's Monaco palette), which is the light cream colour, and I just slightly feather it up.

So this happened. I don't know why it is in that position.

I then go in with Serene just a bit above my crease to set up a light transitioning colour. 

After doing that, I sweep Aquamarine(Monaco palette) on to my crease and I blend it out into the transition colour and creating the outer V. The colour I mentioned is right next to the creamy one, I forgot to mark each eyeshadow, please excuse me. :) 

So I did the same thing with Humming Bird(Monaco palette) except I didn't blend as much so the outer V is more intense. The eyeshadow is that beautiful turquoise colour right next to that shimmery lilac. It gives a beautiful golden glow. :) It is very similar to MUA's pearl single eyeshadow in Shade 26.

After that I deepened the crease a little bit with MUA's matte single eyeshadow in shade 19, which I also use for my brows. After blending that colour the Humming Bird kind of flies away, so you can sweep it a bit on the crease again, just to bring it back. I didn't though, I kind of liked it that way. :)

I love this eyeshadow for highlighting! So that what I did next. Just a little bit of MUA's pearl single eyeshadow in Shade 1. Little bit in my inner eye corner and on my brow bone and it brightens up my whole face. :)

Taking Humming Bird again and lining my lover lash line with it.

I do the same with Shade 19, just not all the way, just a little bit in the outer corner and connecting it with the outer V.

If you decide to recreate this look, you can totally skip this part I just found this eyeliner which I wanted to use and give a more icy feel to it and I just lined it on my lower lash line the same as I did with Humming bird. I did it over the Shade 19 as well but I went back with that shade and I  just touched the outer glittery area with my brush, nothing more. :)

Almost every eye makeup looks even more fab with liquid eyeliner. So I used gel eyeliner from Sleek to create the wing(I find it easier with gel eyeliner) and did the rest with felt tip eyeliner from Oriflame. 

Finishing with some mascara and we are done!

Product I used for the rest of my face:

1. Mascaras: Essence Get Big Lashes, MUA Mega Volume
2. Foundation: Barry M Flawless Matte Finish
3. Powder: MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder
4. Bronzer: Catrice Sun Glow(Matte)
5. Highlighter: Catrice Prime and Fine 
6. Blush: Catrice Defining Blush in Love&Peach
7. Concealer: Catrice Re-Touch Light-Reflecting
8. Eyeshadow primer: MUA Pro-Base
9. Lipstick: Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel Colour in Don't Fear the Sheer

And here's the finished look and myself, awkwardly posing. :D

Hope you liked my inspired artistic makeup look(:D) so much, you decide to create it yourself. :) Thank you for reading.

 Good day, sir... I SAID GOOD DAY! :P



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