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Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set Review!

Hey there! My old brushes decided to retire and their softness turned into soft dust(what?!). It's weird to say, but they became so soft(which is very weird) to the point I couldn't pick up any powder and brushing some blush onto my face was a mission impossibru. :P

So why not buy new ones! :D As Coastal Scents had their 40% off sale during the Christmas and New Years I decided to pick up some brushes I have been wanting for a very long time! And they have arrived fairly quick. As soon as they arrived I screamed out of joy and I threw them a big welcome party by bathing them in warm water! :D

I had just couple of days to try them out but as soon as I did my makeup with them, I felt so blessed. :)

LARGE FAN(synthetic)
I don't really use fan brushes so I can't tell much about that. But I did try to put my highlighter with it and it doesn't pick up enough product. It's very soft and maybe too soft for powder product.

POWDER BUFFER(synthetic)
I love this brush! It's like a giant(well not that big) stippling brush and it works well with powder and liquid products. Although I prefer powder, loose one. The only thing that bothers me is that it took forever to dry. :/

ROUND POWDER(synthetic)
I like this one for cream blushes or highlighter. It's a small round top stippling brush. I tried to put powder blushes and it worked well as well. Especially for super pigmented blushes.

FLAT BUFFER(synthetic)
My brush for liquid foundation! It's awesome. Probably the softest brush in the set but it's also dense at the same time. I tried to put loose powder with this brush and it's no bueno. I had foundation underneath it and when I put my powder on top it's like the brush erased my foundation a little bit. Oh and this brush is also the one that was drying for a day, or even more.

ANGLE BLUSH(goat hair)
When I washed this brush I thought I won't have this brush for long. It shed like crazy! Every time I rinsed it, the brush lost quite a big amount of hair. But after that I think the shedding stopped. Haven't lost any hair and I've used this brush for applying my blush almost every time.

FOUNDATION(fibre hair)
I don't like to use these kind of brushes for my foundation because I personally think it takes too much time. I like to use it for my concealer or for contouring with cream products. Seems to work well with that. 

CONCEALER(nylon hair)
Not much to say about this little fellow. I don't really use that much brushes for my concealer to begin with, but if I do I usually use a bigger brush(as said, a foundation one). But it is a good brush for concealing smaller part of the face.

LARGE SHADOW(pony hair)
Great for packing on the eyeshadow. Nothing much to say about it actually. Maybe this: some brushes(not from this set) poked me in the eye because the bristles were so harsh but this one is really soft.

BLENDER(pony hair)
I don't really blend with this brush, but I suppose it could be good for that as well. I usually use this the same at I use the large shadow brush. Although this one is much softer and packs colour on my lids a little less. So I tend to use this one for REALLY pigmented eyeshadows. 

I haven't really found a purpose for this brush. If I were to buy these brushes individually I would certainly skip this one. 

DOME SHADOW(pony hair)
Awesome brush! It's dense but soft and I use it to pack the colour on the outer V(because I'm lazy and I don't want to do it slowly) and then just blend out the edges. 

DOME BLENDER(pony hair)
Great brush to blend with in my crease. It's a skinny fluffy brush for me. It's also good for blending out precise edges(if that makes any sense). Like smaller one or the ones you don't want to blend too much. And I actually ordered almost the same brush from Coastal Scents from their individual brushes. -.- Oh well, thank God I like it. :)

MEDIUM SHADOW(pony hair)
Love to use this brush for applying eyeshadow to my inner corner. Just the perfect size. And it's soft so it doesn't poke me in the eye. 

DETAIL SHADOW(pony hair)
I LOVE THIS BRUSH!!! Just awesome! I didn't knew what I was missing. It's great for highlighting the inner eye area and brow bone(although it's a bit small for that) and I love it to apply some eyeshadow to my lower lash line. 

LIP(pony hair)
I don't use this brush for lips at all. It's too precious for that. :)  It's so tiny and I use it for applying eyeshadows to my lower lash line. Detail shadow brush and this brush are very very similar.

It's not really my cup of tea, since the regular concealer is considered to be detail one, in my case. So I could've skip this one as well. :)

From the picture they have it on their website it looks just like a normal pencil brush. But no way in hell, it's not. MY BAD! :D after washing it, it lost its shape as a pencil brush and it looks just like the dome blender. But there is a difference. This one is bit pointed, which means the bristles in the very middle are a tad longer and it's a great way to blend the eyeshadows in the crease to create some sort of cut crease. But it's far more blended out.

BROW(pony hair)
I enjoy this brush very much. It could be used as a brow brush although to be honest, I haven't tried it. I used it as applying shadows to my lower lash line(and seems to work the best for that) and to blend/smudge the eyeliner pencil.

Have no use for this... Tool(can't even call it a brush :D). I have never used this to smudge my eyeliner simply because I think it's very painful. :/

LARGE LINER(nylon hair)
Great for eyebrows and gel liner. I would say the same for all three liner brushes.

MEDIUM LINER(nylon hair)
The same as above. But If you have this brush I don't really think you need the large one and if you have the large one you don't really NEED this one. Just my personal opinion though. :)

SMALL LINER(nylon hair)
I love to use this brush for detailing. Sometimes my brush is to big to apply shadow on my brows. And tis brush is just right for those spots where my normal brush is just a tiny too big. And I guess the same goes for gel eyeliner.

I love the brush holder. Feels very luxurious to the touch(at least to me :D) and it's not the typical brush roll, well for one it's not really a roll it's more like a pouch. And I adore the little compartment inside. :)

Overall, this set is amazing. It has everything and more for someone who is just beginning at make up. I would make some changes thought just from my personal preferences(instead of large fan brush I would grab a classic powder brush more often, doe foot blender doesn't make a difference for me but I would prefer a fluffy brush and instead of smudge sponge I would LOVE to have a good pencil brush). As I said before, bigger brushes take forever to dry but I guess it's because they're more dense and have more hair.

Coastal Scents, keep making these brushes and even though they are excellent for the price, I am from Europe so shipping is hella expensive therefore, 50% or 40% offers will be purrrrrfect in the future! :) And keep on packing the products as you pack, because when I opened my package I almost died of cuteness. It was really adorable and I'm sad now, cause I didn't take any pictures. :/
 Oooh but I do have a very big complaint! :( I did't get my sticker :( I was very sad about that, but oh well. I'm healing, so no biggie. :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and I hope it helped somehow. It is MY opinion so in case you have this set and you disagree with me that's okay :) and if you're meaning to buy them for yourself maybe you should read or look at some other reviews as I did before I bought them but almost all of them were saying just good things.

Toodles. :)


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  1. Hey, do you still remember where did you purchase this brush set? I'm living in Europe too, in the Netherlands and so bad could not find one in here. Thank you!



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