Saturday, 1 February 2014

Catrice - new products for 2014!

Hey there! Catrice released some new crazy awesome stuff for this year in their permanent line. Cool! :D They also have a LE line that I had to pass. :( Ooh boy...

They've come out with a few new nail polish shades, lipsticks, eyeshadow quads, eyeliners, blushes and a completely new line of lip products and much more. So far I have bought quite a few of their new stuff and I am very glad I did. Catrice itself is not that expensive and most of the products are amazing. Not that impressed with eyeshadows but they are wearable, especially with a good primer underneath it. :)

Obviously I haven't bought everything, but I did quite a damage to my wallet. :P

I had to use it the moment I got it and the eyeshadow quality isn't that bad. I love how they put a matte shade inside it. Usually their quads have all shimmer shades and they're hella shimmery. They released a lilac shade quad and a teal/blue one. 

All four shades mixed

I love this blush! At first I though it was matte but more I use it more I think it has some sort of sheen to it. It's gorgeous on it's own but even better with some contouring. 

Heavy swatches
Blended out a bit

Haven't used this blush yet but it is a very beautiful shade. It has shimmer and isn't too pigmented, which is good.

This is something I wanted for quite a while but every time I find some sort of a brow highlighter they're shimmery. But this one isn't! Love it, love it, love it! 

Rose gold/champagne shade and it is yes indeed waterproof. I had to scrub it off my hand, actually scrape it. :P

Upper swatch has multiple layers, lower one
has just one

A standard berry shade for vampy lips. :) It has some shimmer(purple) but it doesn't show up on lips so this one is a keeper. :)

On the photos it looks so much brighter than in real life, I promise. I wouldn't buy it if it were that bright. :D However, it isn't that casual either. Haven't worn this yet, I do think this is perfect for spring. It doesn't have any shimmer to it.

Just a berry lipgloss without any shimmer. I like lip glosses from Catrice. They're sticky but not annoyingly sticky. :P Hope that makes sense. 

Here are the new products, they're very similar to L'oreal lip stains. I will be reviewing these soon so I'm not saying much about these except they're not that bright, the photos are lying! :D Oh and the last photo really show they are in fact stain your lips, or your hand. :P

This is all that caught my attention for now, I wanted some nail polishes as well, but didn't find the ones I wanted. :/ So yeah... :) Maybe later in the year. :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing new things Catrice delivered to our drugstores in 2014 and I hope you can get your hands on some of these product cause they're really awesome. :) Thanks for reading.




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