Tuesday, 7 January 2014

December Obsessions!

Hey there! So January is here and a new year as well! December was quite fun and joyful especially around Christmas! :) Sooooooooooo... Let me start my December obsessions(nice transition, I know :P).


Gotta start of with makeup! I have been obsessed with this lipstick almost since the day I bought it. I haven't had it for long, its been in my latest haul post. The Catrice Gel Lipstick in Upside Brown. I've worn it with almost every single look I've created and I can't get enough! I am not that much fan of brown lipsticks but this one is really beautiful!

I have been also loving the BH Cosmetics Blush duo in Daisy(also from my latest haul) which I think is more for spring time but hey, it's gorgeous. And it makes my cheeks look stunning and it gives just a nice flush.

This brush from BH Cosmetics is a must have! It's called All over brush but I use it for contouring or for bronzer. It's so small, just perfect to fit in hollows of my cheeks but big enough to blend out the harsh lines. Just amazing! Love, love, love! 

And I think I have found a new favourite mascara! It's from Catrice called Lashes to Kill False Lashes Volume Mascara. It really gives a false lashes effect cause it's suppose to have fibres in it. I can't remember if there's another mascara that makes my lashes that gorgeous.

A recent buy is this Elf lipstick, but I used it quite a lot and it is my new favourite nude lipstick.  It's from their Essentials line and it is called Nostalgic. I absolutely love this lipstick! I will most definitely buy another one, once this one is all gone(which will be a very sad day).


My love for Judy, Benji, Julianna and babies(which are still in the belly :)) is still huge and very much present, but the amount of videos I have seen from this particular person is really beyond normal! Yes, I am obsessed. So, Pewdiepie or Felix has been my new entertainment. I have subbed his channel sometime in November(but it must have been towards the ending) and he had I believe 16 or nearly 17 million subscribers. Now, he's got 19 and a half. So, in a month he gained 2,5 million subscribers. Insane! But I can see why. I laugh so hard every time I watch his videos. I don't play games, I don't even like them(other that Sims :P)! But he sure made me think about playing them. Anyways, I think he's funny. :) Here's my favourite one! :D


Uh, oh this list is quite long! I have been listening to a lot of new and new-ish music. I love love love the new One Direction album Midnight Memories. I like a lot of songs but my favourite has been Hapily. I am also loving Story of My Life, Diana, Don't Forget Where You Belong. I like others too but these have been on replay. :)

One Republic released Native quite a while now but I didn't get to listen to the album since recently and I have been fangirling! Counting Stars, If I Lose Myself, I Lived, Can't Stop, Au Revoir, Burning Bridges, Preacher,... Just a few favourites from the album and I can't get enough I swear. Especially Preacher! 

Jessie J released Alive in October and just as the other two albums I have mentioned I have been obsessed with this one as well! Very much actually! I am not that much into Square One, but all the rest are amazeballs! I listen to her songs like everyday, and I am hooked. My top three songs from that albums are Sexy Lady, I Miss Her and Breathe. 


Almost every show I watch is on a break(middle season finale and all) so I haven't really been obsessed with any of the shows that much. But I have got into another one, which I watched so many years ago on the TV in our country but after Season 1 they've just cancelled it. So I have watched a fair amount of Psych in December and apparently I forgot how much I've enjoyed watching this show. Love these guys! :)


Since it's Winter time I have been loving my scarfs! Especially this pink one, which is an eternity scarf. It's so warm and cosy and so gorgeous! This picture is not doing it justice though... :/

I am not a big fan on high heels simply because I can't stand the pain in my feet after standing or just walking in them. Basically my feet start aching after 10 minute walk. :D But I adore these one! They aren't that high and they're really comfortable but I worn them only if I went somewhere with my parents, in the car and to the places I didn't need to walk that much. I'm a DIVA apparently :P I just love them, they're super cute and easy to wear. :) It might not be everybody's cup of tea but it's not like we all have the same taste. :)

This is pretty much it for my obsessions during December. See you in February ;)

Best wishes to you in a brand new year. :)



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