Thursday, 16 January 2014

Smokey eyes tutorial!

Hey there! I think there's so much of these on the web and I think it's not even necessary to do another one. :) But oh well, here it is.

I have seen quite a few of them and they all look pretty much the same. I tried couple of them on my own and I always found a way to mess things up. So the way I see it is: more I complicate, harder it will be. So I simplified and I did this in like, 10 minutes? 

I didn't put any foundation, bb cream or concealer yet,(that's why my under eye bags are so blue and disgusting) because I am putting dark eyeshadow on my eyes and there is no point in having foundation on and then removing it because of the black fallout... :D
Although I didn't had any fallout so... I could've done my foundation if I think about it now. :P

So I took Serene(Rimmel glam'eyes mono) and swept it just a little bit above my crease and blend it out.

Then with this royal blue colour(BH Cosmetics Malibu palette) I defined my crease and blended out. After blending out, I deepened my crease and slightly creating the outer V with the same colour.

After that I just packed my eyelids with this black eyeshadow(BH Cosmetics San Francisco palette)and blended out gently and I payed attention not to cover that blue. Carefully packed the black again and this time I blended it with the blue just a little bit. So the blue is still visible but not like ''in your face'' visible. :P

I took serene again and just swept it just above my crease, as before.

Then I took this light pink(San Francisco palette) which is almost like my skin tone, and swept it on the same area as Serene. Not a big difference though. :P

With the same black from San Francisco palette I just lined my lower lash line(but somehow forgot to take a picture, my bad :/) and finished my eyes with my favourite mascara. After that I just did the rest of my face.

1. Make Up Factory Oil Free foundation(which is too dark for me now -.- but for the sake of this post I used it)
2. Catrice Camouflage Cream
3. MUA Matte Perfect translucent powder
4. E.L.F. Radiance Enhancer
5. Catrice False Lashes Volume Mascara
6. E.L.F. lipstick(Nostalgic)
There's no eyebrows product in the photo since I forgot to include it, my bad! :D

I used this Contour&Blush palette from BH Cosmetics to contour, highlight(ooh, and I found a way how to make that white powder 'appear' :D) and blush.

And here's me ridiculously posing with the finished look. :D

My hair is a bit funky since I cut it so excuse me for that. :$ And we still have Christmas decoration if you can see in the background. :P

So that's all for this tutorial and for me, that's the easiest way to do smokey eyes look within couple of minutes. I hope this was somewhat helpful and hopefully I'll do another tutorial soon. :)

See you. :)



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