Monday, 16 December 2013

Custom palette

Hey there! I had a bunch of old eyeshadows that I didn't use(there was some weird colours) and I decided to make my own by mixing couple of them together(similar ones of course). There was a problem though... I didn't know where to put them. So I ordered a palette from eBay. :)(edarenus was the user I bought my palettes from).

I bought two(one for this mini project and one for my MUA single eye shadows), and I've received them just this week and they're almost the same as the palettes from BH cosmetics. I like the fact that pans(which are included) aren't glued on to the palette so you can take them out and easily press your eyeshadows.

Sooooo, on to the post! I watched a lot of youtube videos(I'm gonna link them at the end of this post) where you can see how to press powders or loose pigments. So I mixed 15 eyeshadows, each one is a different colour and together they don't look that appealing and they're not that pigmented but they would work just fine as blending colours.

If you're interested in doing this yourself, you'll need:

  • eyeshadows or loose pigments(you can also buy samples of eyeshadows)
  • rubbing alcohol(which is 70% alcohol, but you can use 90% one which evaporates quicker)
  • some napkins or tissue paper
  • mixing bowl or cup
  • spoon
  • a coin or something that will fit each pan(for pressing)
  • some old t-shirt(so it sucks out the liquid)
  • palette with empty pans

Step 1.
Crush your eyeshadow(s) into the mixing cup and stir well the powder.

This is not stirred well yet, see the clumps? :P

Step 2.
Pour alcohol in the powder and stir again so there are no clumps here either. Don't add to much alcohol though, or the procedure of evaporation will take longer(and the liquid from alcohol, which is water will stay so you would have to pour it out aaaaand, it could get messy).

I poured to much so I can show you how it looks.

Step 3.
After mixing the alcohol and powder, let is sit for a while(not to long) and stir it here and there and there pour it into the pan.

Quite appealing looking, right? :D

Step 4.
Let it sit for a while(I waited almost 30 min). Shake it from time to time to see how if its firming up as the alcohol evaporates. 

Step 5.
When its not that wet to the touch anymore its time for pressing. 

I used and old sweater like t-shirt and covered the pan with it.

Then I used a cap from a tiny hairspray(the only thing I had that fit :P) and just pressed hard for a little while. Make sure you press really hard or the eyeshadow will become loose eventually.

Step 6.
And then just put it into your palette and just let it dry some more :)

I created quite a mess :S I didn't take pictures of the entire mess cause its hard to process that much... :P

Links to videos that helped me:

I hope you enjoyed my post for today and stay tuned for some holiday post(s) coming this week. ;)

Take care and happy holidays.



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