Monday, 9 December 2013

Sigma Beauty launched Enlight Collection!

Hey there! Sigma is one of the beauty brands that everybody raves about even me, even though I haven't got a single thing so far. As soon as I start earning my own money I'm buying myself a brush set! :)

Anyways, they launched a new limited edition collection which caught my eyes right away. If you don't know, my love for neutral colours is beyond describable so this collection is just perfect for me(but not so much for my wallet :/).

Borrowed from Sigma's official site :)

In my mind, the palette is the star of this collection but there are some other products which I would LOVE to have.


From L to R: Mellow - Peacful - Serene

The collection has three blushes in different shades. They all look like neutral colour and I think they would be perfect for that pop of colour and natural flush for you cheeks. Each of them is 12.00$.


From L to R: E34 - E52 - E54

Some brushes for this collection which are brushes for eyes and each has it's own purpose. The bigger one(the one in the middle-E52) is 14.00$ and the other two(E34, E54) are 12.00$.


From L to R: Nutmeg - Eclipse - Vintage 
Eyeliners for everyday use and everyday makeup. I personally am not putting this onto my wish list, just cause I'm not much of a fan of eyeliners in general. They are all 9.00$.


From L to R: Composed - Awake - Neutralize
 Now this is something I would want to have! These are eye shadow bases but if they're anything like Flare, Dare and Bare bases then they're also good just on their own. Each of them is 13.00$.


From L to R: Hint - Tint - Tranquil 
Also one of the things I'd be glad to own, are these lip glosses. The collection has all the colours I like(nude, soft coral and deep red). As far as the picture show there's no shimmer in them so that's the extra plus for moi. :) Every single shade is priced at 10.00$.


And the star of the collection(in my opinion :P) and currently on the top of my wish list is palette called Warm Neutrals. I can't even write how amazing it is, I just wouldn't do it justice. And I know I can't get enough of neutrals so this palette would be perfect for everyone who's obsessed with their neutrals as I am. :) It's 39.00$ and if I was deciding on what Christmas present to get for that special someone, I'd get this! ASAP. :)

You can also purchase the whole collection for just 165.00$(it's like you're getting the palette for free). A pretty good deal if you ask me. :)

Hope you liked this post and if you intend to buy something out of this collection I'm extremely jelly right now but if not, maybe let me now down in the comments which products has caught your eye.

That's all for now, bye beauties. :)



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