Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Holiday Makeup Tutorial!

Het there beautiful! Christmas is only a week away and I have finally decided to do a tutorial! As I promised :)

This look is inspired by Christmas(of course) and I was going for a simple look, but for someone it might be more than just subtle. :P


Starting off with NO makeup... I feel really bad looking at this picture and just realising its on the internet now... :S

With some BB cream and concealer I feel MUCH better, to say the least. :)

Eyebrows on!

All the product I used on my face so far. BB cream by Essence, camouflage cream under eyes by Catrice, loose powder by MUA and eyeshadow primer by MUA. Ohh, I use the matte eyeshadow(shade 19) by MUA for my eyebrows. :) 

Just finished one eye!

So firstly, I put Shade 1 (Undressed, MUA) all over my eyelid.

Then I took Serene(mono eyeshadow, Rimmel) and swiped it into my crease.

I added some depth with Shade 10(Undressed, MUA) into the outer V. 

I dabbed Meet in Madrid(Vintage Romance, Sleek) onto the centre with my finger and slightly blended out the golden shade.

Then I highlighted inner eye corner with Shy(Undressed me too, MUA) and lined 1/3 of lower lash line with the same shade. I lined the 2/3 of lower lash line with Court in Cannes(Vintage Romance, Sleek) and with Obsessed the last little piece of lower lash line. :P

With eyeliner pencil, I drew a small line almost to the half of my eyelid and smudged it a little bit.

And there's no picture of eyeliner cause I
forgot to take it... My bad! :P

I added my favourite mascara (at the moment), which makes my lashes look a bit like falsies. :$

And the finished look. Oh, wait... Seems like I forgot something...

Right! Blusher, highlight and lipstick! 

My favourite blush of all times, Peaches and cream By VIVO.

Highlight powder from Face form in fair.

And my ultimate favourite red lipstick Pink me up! by Catrice.

And with hair down! Which I see now that the light is really bad and not many details are popping out. :P My bad! :D

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it was somewhat useful and fun. Since Christmas is only a week away now I better make some cookies for Santa! ;)

Happy holidays and stay pretty!



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