Friday, 18 October 2013

Stop vivisection!

This post is a bit different and more on the serious side. I said my blog is going to be beauty or beauty related but sometimes I just want to share other stuff and my thoughts. And this is kind of beauty related... Unfortunately.

Anyways, maybe you know or maybe you don't, but there's been a petition against animal vivisection(EU) for quite a while now. So if you came across the online petition and if you signed it, animals are grateful. But if not? Do it now! There's not much time anymore, only a few days left actually. Sign the petition here and be the part of very important saving 'team'(I don't know what to call it :S ). I know there are just a few people reading this, but if you're from EU please sign it or let your friends and family know about this and make them sign it. They need 1M signs, which is a lot and they need less than 10% of that till 1st November.

There's no good in vivisection, which means cutting into alive organisms(in this case, animals). Animals suffer in agonizing pain while people(immoral ones) do experiments on them. Why not go for the alternative if they exist?! It is said that not only animals suffer, but that these kind of procedures don't do any good for science or medicine.

I made myself cry just at finding these photos but the cruelty happening behind the lab doors is very true and real. So if you can't handle this kind of stuff don't look at it, I just wanted to make a point and show real terror.

And these are just a few. Don't question if they can think, but if they can feel. And you know if you step on cat's tail, she/he will squeal. But they can't say anything, they can't fight for themselves. So lets speak and fight for them! This is a work in progress but its a huge step forward to set them free.

I rather see them like this :) What about you?


  1. This is an amazing cause, I am definitely going to sign this petition.



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