Saturday, 26 October 2013

DIY Lipstick organiser

Hey there! Few days ago I got a little bit creative and I did a lipstick organiser! Fun right? :D

I decided to share my creativity and show you how I did it. It's not really hard to be honest and the end product isn't that appealing... Sooooo, yeah. :D

I used(you will need):
  • regular box(or you can make that on your own as well, with your own measures)
  • cardboard or any other thick paper
  • olfa knife or really strong scissors
  • any good glue(I used adhesive tape 2nd time, cause hot glue did not work for me)
  • white paper or coloured paper(in case you want your cardboard in specific colour :) ) 
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • lipsticks! :D
I covered the cardboard already.

Here's the easy peasy lemon squeezy step by step guide on how to, well.. DIY! :)

1. My box was big enough to make 5x5 little spaces. Measure your box and determine space for each lipstick.
2. Measure the cardboard and make sure not to make them too small(too big can be fixed later).
3. Cut out the cardboard. Try to be precise(I wasn't so my spaces are bit uneven)
4. If you want to, you can wrap the cardboard you cut out with white or coloured paper. Glue it with the tape.

Measuring :)
5. After wrapping the cardboard(or just cutting it), measure its width and height and make sure the box its not too big to put the divider in. If it is, just cut it a little bit more.
6. Then you cut out smaller pieces of cardboard. Those will divide lipsticks apart. You can skip this part if you want.
7. After doing that, cut the cardboard and wrap them with paper you used before.

Cardboard dividers
8. So now you have all these bits and bobs and what's next? Gluing of course! But first, measure the empty spaces for each lipstick and mark the place where you'll glue the smaller cardboard pieces(the last photo in the Measuring)
9. Now comes the gluing part. :)
Dividers fit!
10. After gluing everything together, just put the divider section into the box and well... You're done. :D 

This does look like a 4 year old made this... But it works! :D

Easy right? Oh, you can glue the divider section onto the box if you like. But I didn't and it stayed in quite well.

I made two organisers. I used hot glue on one and tape on the other... I wish hot glue made things easier for me, buuuuuuut it didn't :/ but that doesn't mean you will fail :) When they're empty they look really stupid(not as creative as I thought I was) :D

I hope this was helpful and that I made an artist out of you, cause I clearly failed at that part a little bit(sob) and this might be the only DIY from me. :P 

So seee ya all later, my sweet baby alligators! 



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