Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Essence Paper Print Manicure?

So hello there. Yesterday I went shopping with my friend and I've seen some new things from essence and this was one of them.

In this tiny box you get 6 prints and they're quite big. So if you want to use it only on one nail(like I intended to) then you should be able to have these prints for a long time.

(Source: Essence)

There are four boxes with different prints, but before I went and bought all of them I decided to try with just one(thank god!).

I painted my nails like I wanted to and left one nail white(canvas for the print). I quite like leaving one nail different. :)

Nail polishes I used:
  • S-he Wow!-Farben - 115
  • Essence Me&My Ice Cream - Icylicious
After doing that, I gathered all the things I might needed. I felt stupid for having nail polish remover, but my instincts were right. 

Soooo... I started with left finger. I cut out the square of print(not to big not to small) and I covered it with transfer solution. 

 I put that on my nail, pressed it firmly with cotton pad(as it said) and waited for 15 seconds(as it said...). What happened? This...

Maybe I did something wrong? So I tried again on my other finger.

That didn't work either -.- SO it can't be my fault, right... Right? :/ 

If anybody else tried this and it worked pleaseeeee let me know what I did wrong and how can I do it right. But if that happened to you too, then I grieve with you, darling. :(

This has been disappointing, I know. I hope at least I helped somehow and now you know how this can go wrong. 




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