Friday, 4 October 2013

MUA Haul!

So, hello there. My birthday is coming up and I decided to shop for MUA with my brother's credit card. :) He approved, so there was no stealing involved. Thank God, my goodies came before my birthday cause I was dying to see and try the new things. And well... Old ones.

I placed my tiny(I wanted more, cause I'm a HUGE MUA fan) order almost two weeks ago, when they had their 30% off offer.

I was a bit disappointed, cause they forgot one of my nail polishes. :( That has never happened to me. I ordered from them once before and from VIVO cosmetics(which I think they are similar or they're related or something). But I'm sure they will be sweet enough to send it to me as soon as possible :)

So here are my goodies and swatches!

Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tint in Stay

Love Heart Lip Balm in Hot Lips

Love Heart Nail Varnish in I <3 U

Mega Volume Mascara in Black

Blending and Shadow Brush, E3

Fashionista Nail Polish in Hidden Treasure

Power Pout in Rendezvous

Pearl eyeshadow in Shade 26

Matte Palette

Nail Polish in Koala Bear

Nail Polish in Deepest Plum

  • Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tint(STAY) - 3.55€ - 3.00£ - 4.87$
  • Love Heart Lip Balms(HOT LIPS) - 1.18€ - 1.00£ - 1.62$
  • Love Heart Nail Varnish(I <3 U) - 1.18€ - 1.00£ - 1.62$
  • Mega Volume Mascara(BLACK) - 3.55€ - 3.00£ - 4.87$
  • Blending and Shadow Brush(E3) - 2.31€ - 1.95£ - 3.16$
  • Fashionista Nail Polish(HIDDEN TREASURE) - 1.78€ - 1.50£ - 2.43$
  • Power Pout(RENDEZVOUS) - 3.55€ - 3.00£ - 4.87$
  • Pearl Eyeshadow(SHADE 26) - 1.18€ - 1.00£ - 1.62$
  • Matte Palette - 4.74€ - 4.00£ - 6.49$
  • Nail Polish(KOALA BEAR) - 1.18€ - 1.00£ - 1.62$
  • Nail Polish(DEEPEST PLUM) - 1.18€ - 1.00£ - 1.62$
I hope one of my ordered nail polishes(that is not here with me at the moment) will find its way home to me so I can play with it as well :)

Other than one lost family member, I am very happy with the rest of the family. I have a few things from MUA and I can't remember if I ever cursed any of their products. I simply love every single thing that I own, especially because it it... Well, cheap. But its quality is just great. I'm looking forward to try these Matte eyeshadow! I'mma sucker for eyeshadows, whataya gonna do? :D

I hope you enjoyed looking and reading this mini(for me) haul and if you have any thoughts about the post or MUA products, leave a comment below. :)



P.S.: I had to upload most of the photos again so if they're poop, please forgive me.


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