Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Make Up Collection: My Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey there! I have been thinking for a while now, if I should do a makeup collection and storage post and I figured that might me a bit too long for a blog post so I decided to cut them in pieces.

So I'm starting off with my favourite items in my collection and those are my Sleek eyeshadow palettes. Now I know I don't need any more palettes and just these alone are way too much for a normal human being, but I might not be normal soooo... It's okay. :) Ohh, and like everyones says ''I'm not bragging, showing off...'' I'm just sharing my love for makeup, which I bought.

I have 4 palettes which are in the permanent line and 4 limited edition. I have been eyeing the Garden Of Eden but it has some green shades and I don't wear that much green so I'm arguing with myself not to buy that, so I'm (probably) not.



This is probably my favourite palette, but seeing the rest of them I'm never completely sure! The top row is perfect for everyday use, it has some neutrals and some some pinks and the bottom row is great for smoked out look with two gorgeous neutral shades. Love, love, love! This one is a must have!


If you've seen my Valentine's Day Make Up looks, then I'm sure you've seen this gem. I love using this for more feminine looks. The pinks here are truly beautiful and some are really unique(Gateau is my favourite). 


Ultimate neutral palette, this is definitely my go to palette. If I don't feel like complicating and just doing my make up simple, I always turn to this palette. It is the newest member, but I had this palette before. The thing is... I don't know what happened to it(sob). 


It's perfect for the year 2014! I'm not sure if you're aware but the colour of the year is Radiant Orchid and here are some shades which are very similar to this colour. I also enjoy three different shades of gold. :) Magic!


MONACO - Mediterranean Collection

This beauty is quite new to the family. I have used it in my 'Frozen' inspired make up tutorial and I absolutely love the colours. Maybe I could do more with them in the spring and summer since there are many vibrant colours.

RESPECT - Shangri-La Collection

I LOVE the white shade in the first row SO MUCH! It's matte and soooo pigmented! Perfect white shade. I like pretty much the whole palette except orange shades don't suit me that well. I have been meaning to do a Barbie inspired look with that bright pink, but haven't planned the whole thing out yet. 

SUPREME - Shangri-La Collection

To be honest, I could've skipped this one. Apart from the mint green in the bottom row I haven't had much use from the rest of the shades. Those blue don't seem to go together that well and the neutral shades are too funky looking for me. :/ But it's Sleek. :)


I love how the eyeshadow in this palette have the names from other palettes or at least most of them. It's cute! :3 I am a fan of all the shades but it seems like I gravitate to the champagne shade(Storm) the most. :)

Here are all my Sleek palettes(for now), they are all extremely pigmented and affordable so it is not hard to guess why they're my favourites. I might do the next batch of palettes next week. :) Hope you enjoyed this and thank you for reading.

You-Divine! ;)



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