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January Obsessions!

Hey there! It's that time of the month and while I was posting the Valentine's Day tutorials, I remembered that I haven't done monthly obsessions yet. :D Sooooo...

Let's see what I have been obsessing about this month! :) 


Almost every single thing in makeup 'section' is a new buy. Sleek Blush by 3 Candy Collection has been on my cheeks I could say daily. Basically there are 3 different pinks for you to choose from, and who doesn't love pink? I have been mostly loving the cream blush which is called Cupcake. This whole palette is so cute and all shades are really pigmented, but if you use it with light hand it comes really nice even on fair skin.

My favourite brush at the moment is Classic Blender(Natural) from Coastal scents. It has been such a great blender for blending the outer V. I can't explain how happy I am for having this in my life. :) I don't even use fluffy brush that much anymore cause of this guy. :) Thank you Coastal Scents!

Everytime I went on MUA site for Undress Your Skin Higlighter it was out of stock. And finally it was back in stock for Christmas! Of course I had to pick it up. :) It is so pigmented and it gives such an amazing glow, sometimes I forget it has loads of shimmer and I over do it. Hihi doofus!

This, is my favourite concealer! Catrice Re-Touch Light-Reflecting concealer has been such a gem for me to find! I picked up a darker shade by accident, I prefer lighter shade cause it kind of brightens up my eyes. It matches my skin tone so it's not really a problem. :)

I was ordering from Elf from the first time about two months ago and I am quite pleased with them. At least when it comes to lip products. I already mentioned their lipstick in my previous monthly favourites but this time, their Liquid Lipstick in Bark kind of grew on me. It is such a nice neutral shade although it doesn't give that much colour just on its own. 

I'm sure I've mentioned this lipstick already but I simply love the colour. Catrice discontinued Pink me up! a few months ago which is kind of not cool.  It will probably last me for a loooooong time but still... This is the only kind of red that suits me. :( And if I put a small amount of it and blot it, it looks pink. So there you go, two in one!

I have been wanting the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette since it was released and when I finally got it I didn't want to use it cause it is so pretty. :D Colours are really pigmented and I've worn them twice and both times without the primer and they didn't crease on me and they stayed for quite a while, although the colours kind of faded a bit. So why is this here if I haven't been using it that much? Well, it's freaking gorgeous! I just like look at it all the time. :3
After taking the pictures I actually broke Mercury, one of my favourites. -.- I did fix it, poured a bit of alcohol and pressed it real hard but now there's one shadow with flat surface and I'm really feeling the OCD rising every time I see it. :/


After stumbling upon Pewds, I found out that he has extremely hilarious friends that do the same thing. I don't play video games but for some reason I really get interested in playing them while watching these guys. Anyways, I got to watch Cry(Chaotic Monki or Cryaotic) for several weeks now to the point where I can't wait to watch his videos. I laugh the most when he's doing a video with other Youtubers(Pewdie, Ken, Spoon, Russ,...) but somehow I love The Walking Dead play through the most. I find it very sweet how he gets attached to the characters, especially Clementine. Well, I guess he gets really attached to every character he plays. :) Ohh, and his voice... .__.


If you have seen my 'Frozen' inspired makeup tutorial, you are then aware I am quite fond of Frozen. :) But no, that's a very mild expression. I am obsessed, yo! :D I have been listening to the soundtrack almost every day, I think. And it's a first Disney movie that made me love all the soundtrack in it. It's not even a question if I like the 'Do you wanna build a snowman?'. It's been stuck  up in here in my head since I've watched the movie. :D I love it! And every time I listen to it, I get really hyper and happy at the beginning, but when it's ending I feel sad and depressed. :/ 
Besides this song that makes me bipolar, I also love 'For the first time in forever', 'Let it go' and 'In summer', gotta love this one for Olaf. :) That's pretty much it what I've been listening to for the past few weeks. :D


Teen Wolf has been out again and I was literally fangirling every time I saw the new episode. :D It is nice seeing Isaac(Daniel Sharman) again... :3 and yeah of course the rest of the cast. :P It is probably one of the main reasons I watch this show, I don't want to offend anyone but I've seen better story lines and special effects. Just saying, still loving. And I like the new girl, Kira. She is gorgeous. :)


And just for the sake of 'Frozen' I had to put another section in this post. :D So yeah, been obsessing with this hella lot and I've watched it... A lot of times. Five I think... Maybe six times, can't really remember. :D Yeaaah, I've been loving it for several reasons. First, It's really not a typical Disney movie, sure it has some characteristics of already seen movies but there are some different things as well. Like, there is no typical villain, there is a bad guy but not really a villain. And there's a different 'true love' concept. There are magical people that aren't really people, they're rocks. :D  Second, Olaf. I secretly love Olaf more than Elsa or Anna. :D I can't help it! He's to darn cute! More people should be like Olaf. :) And third, music. As I said, I love every single soundtrack they've come up with in this movie, a lottle! It's like little, except a lot. :D

Just look at him! :$

I haven't been really obsessed with this one but I simply had to mention it. Hunger games! 'Catching Fire' has been such a good movie. I. Loved. It. So much, in fact I am reading the third book cause I can't wait for the movie to come out. And it's supposedly in two pieces so, hell no! Ain't anybody got time for that... :D I'm the kind of person that watches movies instead of reading books, I don't read(yes, I am ashamed) so you at least have the idea of how much I feel for it. :) Lot of people say that it ends stupidly and blah blah. Well, it's a cliffhanger, cause there's a reason. A third freaking book. I was like 'Hell yeah!' when it ended. :D But then I was sad... 


I have been eating eggs and hot dogs(frankfurters :P) so much, almost every day for breakfast. Usually scrambled, prefer eggs that way and sometimes I'd cook the hot dogs or I'd grill them and after grilling them I just pour the egg mixture in the same pan. Delicious. :P

That's pretty much it for this month, hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

Don't let the frostbite bite. :)



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