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Catrice Made To Stay Lip Polish REVIEW

Hey there! As I said in my post from last week, I am doing a review on these babies! :D Yeaaah!

So these lip thingies are a new invention from Catrice which are suppose to be a lipstick, gloss and a stain all in one.

See all the info about these at Catrice :)

Okay! So I picked up three colour that seemed to suit me the best. They have three more to choose from but they are not that wearable, at least not for me. Overall, the colour selection is okay, could've been better but gotta work with what they've got, right? :)


This is definitely not a balm type product so when I wear it it kind of dries my lips. So not the best lip product during the winter. I would exfoliate my lips before applying the polish, just cause if my lips have been dry and patchy before the application, then the patches will kind of stick out. Dry patches aren't that visible though, I just feel it. And it's really light weight feeling, it isn't bothering me cause it isn't that sticky. 
When I apply it for the first time, I get the tingle feel on the lips and I personally hate that but that feel goes away pretty quickly so personally, that doesn't bother me anymore. Oh and the smell... I am not easily bothered by the smell of makeup but this one smells really weird. It's like flowery and cherry scent mix, but not so pleasant. :D I'm telling you it's weird, yo!


So it is stated on the product that it's suppose to give ' the colour of a lipstick' and I can agree with that. It can be builded a tiny bit, but just with the first application you can already see the intensity. But the lightest shade in collection is kind of sheer and to me it doesn't give any colour. And I think it's the only shade in collection which contains shimmer. I did swatch them all in the drugstore and as far as I could've seen there was no shimmer in others or there is but it's not so noticeable. I am not a big fan of shimmery lip products but I guess I can do something with it and besides, it isn't that noticeable.


As said on the product itself, it gives 'the shiny finish of a lipglos' and I agree 100%. After the gloss kind of fades away it still gives a bit of shine, and the gloss doesn't completely come off(unless you rub it off). I get the best results of colour and glossiness after re-applying it.


Supposedly it has 'the longevity of a stain', but the lightest shade in collection doesn't do that at all. It doesn't really give any colour to my lips to begin with and it doesn't stain my lips either. So, darker shades do stain my lips and they're suppose to stain them up to 8h. And well, they kind of do. Stain isn't that much intense anymore after 6 hours but it is still there. As for the glossiness, I think it stays on pretty well compared to a normal lipgloss. If you don't eat or drink anything for 2 hours or so, the glossy finish will still be there. I didn't have any issues with the polish bleeding out but if you have an important event coming up and you don't want to look like a clown, you can simply outline your lips with a lip pencil and then apply the polish.


It's pretty standard gloss looking tube with doe foot applicator except the bottom isn't made out of clear plastic so you can't really see the product inside. Every shade has the colour sticker on the packaging just to give you and idea of what the colour is like, but it doesn't seem to match the actual product very well and the silver writing rubs off really quickly. 

These are the ones I bought:

As said before, the sticker where it says 'Up to 8hours' kinda rubs off so I had to put a coat of clear nail polish just so it doesn't disappear completely. :)

You can see there's no stain left.

Catrice 'Rose-wood If She Could' 010 Made To Stay Lip Polish

Catrice 'Jen & Berry's' 020 Made To Stay Lip Polish

Catrice 'Strawberry's Secret' 030 Made To Stay Lip Polish

Hope you liked this review, maybe it helped in someway and I totally recommend this, I mean for the price they're worth the try.

Till next time, bye.



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