Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Start of something new...

So... Hello there, someone? In case you were wondering, this isn't the tittle of a song from High School Musical, so sorry if I let you down. :)

Not really sure whether I'm good at this, I decided to give it a go. I have been thinking about this for a very long time and here I am writting and still not sure about this, cause I have no idea about what I am going to write.

Just for a short introduction, my name is Ana Maria and I'm 18 years old(soon to be 19). I live in Slovenia, which is a small country in Europe(in the middle of Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, in case you didn't know). So if I make small or big grammar mistakes please don't judge me, after all English is my... Third language. :)

I was thinking about making this beauty thing, since my passion for make up is so extreme(a little bit over exaggerating there). In case there is a girl(or boy, not judging) who is reading this I may tell now that high end products are kind of out of reach for me. I just got out of school and I'm searching for a job so my funds are not so dazzling. But in a last few months, I was saving money and I bought a few things on my own, which I must say I have been obsessed with.

Soooooo this is it for now, I hope I got at least one person interested. Cause after all, it only takes one person to believe in you and make your dreams come true... And it rhymes! Wow, a born writer. ;)

B-bye :)



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