Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Look what came in the mail today!

So... Hello there. I have been wanting this since it came out, I've dreamt about this gorgeous beauty and now that I own it I can't help but just stare at it. Is it normal, am I normal? :)

I was looking at it for so long at the bh cosmetics site and thinking "Can't wait to get a credit card so I can go crazy!" cause they have really affordable prices for such good products. But one thing bothered me. Shipping costs -.- because I live in the middle of nowhere(not really, but living in US would help) shipping is so expensive I could buy myself another palette. And lets say you pick more than 4 or 5 things, shipping costs are even bigger! :(

But its not their(bh cosmetics) fault. I'm just upset that I'm so far away. So I was browsing through is a Slovenian site with so so so many make up brands) and they had a sale on this beauty and also a free gift(yaaaay!) :) Anywaaaaaay, here are some photies and swatches of my babe(and my free owl necklace) :)


Colours are so gorgeous! There are some neutrals(which I'm totally in love with) and some beautiful bright and pastel colours. There are 6 matte eyeshadows and the rest are pearly/shimmery. Pigmentation of matte shadows is slightly better(especially in darker shades) but shimmery ones are great as well. They seem to blend well, so for now there are no concerns. I haven't tested them on my lids though, but I'm sure they will be awesome. :)

Oh, I am using a primer(MUA pro base eye primer)... Just so you know :)


Blush section is a little bit less *WOW* for me. I like the first(pink blush) and the third(seems to be a highlighter). I haven't tried these either, so I might like the second one as well. But the last one... Its too light to be a bronzer or contour colour or blush. Maybe as an eyeshadow? :)
Colour payoff and pigmentation is good(not too little and not too much, just right). 

What do you think? :) You like it? Well I love it! If you are from Slovenia you should check because its still on sale!

This is all for this post, I hope I got you interested. If not, please leave me a comment what you think I should change or do next time to be more interesting :)



P.S.: I had to upload photos again so I'm sorry for poop swatches :/


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