Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Makeup Tutorial: Everyday Look

Hey there! I decided to do a simple neutral look to wear just about everyday. It's very easy to do and it takes 10 minutes the most. :)

So let's see what I've created, shall we? :)

The minor freakout I had during the tutorial, wasn't that tiny in my eyes so yeah, I'm not crazy or anything just a bit over dramatic and a perfectionist, sometimes. :)
I tried to fix the eyeliner after the finished tutorial but only made it worse.. Haha, typical my luck! The line was too thick for my taste, as you can see from the first two closeup photos. The last photo(or should I rather say, the set of two) was taken right after I filmed the tutorial, so you can see how thicker the line became after that. :D Oh well, eyeliner was never my favourite thing to do, guess why?! :D

All the products used for my eyes and face are mentioned in the video, but for eyes I mostly used Au Naturel palette by Sleek. :)

I hope you enjoyed the video and this post and if you did and want to see more, then you know subscribe and stuff... :) Thanks for reading and watching! 

Have a lovely day/night... Anything! :P



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